I can see the shytestorm coming when the Devs return from vacation and release the Aquilonian DLC :(

One disastrous timing after another. lol.

I can see this coming. FC releases Aquilonian DLC (which I personally am looking forward to), then everyone giving FC crap about going on a 1 month vacation, then milking everyone (well… except those who helped with the stress test) with the Aquilonian DLC, while bugs “still” haven’t been fixed, from an “ENTIRE” month ago. lol.

I seriously don’t wanna be in Funcom’s shoes right now. Jeese. They really pulled the short straw on the timing.

The fact that the Khitai DLC got released before the 500+ fixes doesn’t help matters either.
It’s definitely not Funcom’s intention, but looks is what matters xD Especially if it’s a recurring pattern.

Speaking of the stress test, those must’ve been 900 users who helped… That poor dev/trainee is probably gonna take a week sifting through all those Emails. Probably faster just to buy the DLC anyway.


yes, because you should first make the main game playable before you continue to make cash


Personally I’m looking forward to the Aquilonian DLC too, I think it looks fantastic.

But I won’t buy it until I see some actual improvements made to the game. I hate to wait even longer for the DLC, but it’s a matter of principle to me.

I can definitely see alot of people raging over it though, I was less than happy myself when they released the Khitan DLC.

Although I have to admit It’s gonna be hard to hold off buying this.


Some people will never understand that the graphical designers isn’t the same as those that fix engine or server code :wink:


Exactly. That’s the irony of it all.


Only from the misguided perspective of those individuals that make that argument. (That the game would be fixed faster if everyone was focused on bugs)

I understand perfectly well that Funcom’s artists would be sitting around twiddling their thumbs if they weren’t working on DLC.

But that’s not why I and likely many other’s won’t buy it right away. I won’t buy the DLC or even approve of it’s existence because I see capitalism like this; when I buy a product I’m not only purchasing that product I’m also supporting the Business practices and ethics of the company I bought the product from.

As it stands now, I do not approve of Funcom’s business practices. They are very close to making my personal black list.


I will buy this DLC as soon as it is available because the game is FUN for me and the game is PLAYABLE for me. If i encounter a small bug then i will work around that small bug because i never encountered a gamebreaking bug except those three days after the 500+ patch.

Some people find a small bug and cry about that bug for days. They don’t work around they repeat it over and over.

There is a quote from a well known character in a well known game:

“To repeat the same action and expect different results is madness.”


… Considering they announced this back in… late June…why would this be a big deal? They told everyone they were going on vacation because its mandated. … I know Funcom is not based in the Us. Why are people shocked that some country not the us has mandated vacations… And shocked that a company actually takes them… How many who are whining actually work for a living that has a job that doesn’t give you a vacation? probably what none? I work part-time and my company still provides me with vacation time!

They will be back in 8 days to begin working on Conan again. If only the drama queens would just calm the hell down and think for a change. The sky is not falling people.



Just wish this sentiment would be shared by all on Reddit, Steam Community and Twitter.
But not all follow what Funcom does, as closely as us, who care a great deal about the game, so it falls on us to help inform the crowd, but then the folks would just call us fanboys and shills.

Haters be haters. It’s a good thing Funcom knows this, but man. Doesn’t make the hurtful comments any less face-palm inducing.

“To repeat the same action and expect different results is madness.” Can also apply to Funcom.


The guy who coined that was either an only child or bred in a test tube. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you seen the screen shots?!?!? Take my money funcom!


If they had learned something about recent MOAP experiencie, they would postpone DLC launch till 500 bug parch will be stabilized and new taming system will be released. EA users don’t forget delayed content.

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The thing about this DLC is that I was very disappointed with the asian DLC. I thought cool Katanas, with special animations and strengths, like in Dark souls, but in the end, it’s just a sword with an asian-ish look that is basically worthless to get and is to low level. :frowning: :frowning:

If I’m gonna buy a DLC again ,it should give me something exciting or it should cost less if it’s pure make up. I know they don’t want pay to win, but making payable content a little better isn’t pay to win, planetside does it, you can still win with standard weapons but payed weapons just give you a slight bonus, that makes them worth a buy.

My bet is, that the aquillan armor and weapons just gonna be useless like kithan, and noone uses them at all.

Besides, y’know what would be cool? An amazon dlc, with special amazon dancers that can have the ability to interact with other amazon dancers, right in front of you :stuck_out_tongue:.

The only bug that I am really concerned about currently is the Thrall no agro bug. Thralls only agro if their player is injured.

Nothing matters, nothing else exists, there is no other reality than to turn the thralls back on. It is game breaking huge, especially on a PVP server. Currently purges are also up the spout, so at least there is that, but if they turn on purges before my thralls come back to life it will make me quite unhappy.

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I agree. The thralls need to be fixed, I play on PVP also. We have been dealing with a player who only kills our thralls, they don’t react just get killed. The funny part about it is he thinks he is a good player, because he killed maybe 40 unresponsive thralls. They need to fix it ASAP.

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This gets back to the old issue of being able to give commands to thralls, or make faction ‘friends’ or allies. A friendly clan is one you do not attack, and an ally is one that the thrall will actively aid.

But for now I would just be happy if the silly bastards would defend themselves!

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It doesn’t matter that some employees do this or some do that. The fact of the matter is that they do belong to the same company.

That last DLC was very expensive for what I received in my opinion. I’m not broke by any means but I don’t just like to spend money and expect little in return.

The poor choice of this company to tell us a date for this release and then tell us something else while basically asking us for money is…well…sad. The poor timing of a company to release this game on console and then quickly take a vacation with a chunk of their staff is annoying.

The game has become less enjoyable to play for me lately because my friends have all left due to bugs or general boredom. I was playing with a 9-man group of friends and this has now turned into a very casual 3-man group.

I’m done with the rant. This is just a poorly executed game plan by this company. I’m someone they could have ended up getting a lot of extra money from but now I’ll be sealing my wallet. I’ve got a feeling there’s many others with my same thoughts.


I definitely think Funcom’s choices regarding the release of CE and their actions in the subsequent months are creating a perception of the company that is less than positive.

One big thing adding to this perception is their lack of communication. I don’t care if the next Xbox update is not for another couple months- just hearing the devs acknowledge that they are working on the update at least once or twice a week would do a lot to restore some of my confidence in them. But they only answer posts or make announcements about updates in these short, unpredictably timed bursts.

I understand they must have been in a real sticky situation with the holiday announcement a few weeks ago, considering how much work needs to be done to get the game working in a stable fashion for many, many players. But they have to realize that as professional game developers, the burden of establishing how their customers perceive them is on their own shoulders. I don’t blame them for taking their holidays, but they also need to return from holiday and absolutely blow us away with how quickly and efficiently they fix the things that need fixing, or at least communicate with us in a way that makes us trust them to get the job done in a realistic amount of time.


I think the $15 was worth it for the heavy khitan armour alone