Aquilonia DLC Questions/Concerns

So… I get there is a lot of “hate” regarding the launches of the DLC’s specifically related to the various bugs in the game. I personally feel those complaining don’t fully realize that these new assets aren’t created by the people working on the code. These really are just skins on top of the current things in the game (aside from the statues of course) created by the art department, which normally has no code specific tasks.

Those complaining are also forgetting that FC NEEDS the revenue from these DLC’s to fund those many official servers ya’ll enjoy playing on…for free. So in that department, cut them some slack.

With that said, what I don’t get is why the coding team is having such a hard time coding these new items properly? Shouldn’t it just be a cut and paste from the khitan set released earlier just with names changed and attributes replaced?

I don’t get it. Why has it taken this long to fix these stats? I bought the DLC’s on day 1 of their release, day 2, the khitan stuff was fixed. Here we are a week later and the Aquilonia stuff is still borked.


and to add… hire Alex.


Assets do not magically appear in a build after they are made. The people working on the code implement them in the game client. Guess why that statement is relevant.

“These really are just skins on top of the current things in the game (aside from the statues of course) created by the art department, which normally has no code specific tasks.”

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So you believe that after a texture is done in PS, the .dds files obtain self-awareness and find ways how to appear in the game client? Then assign properties and references to themselves?

i believe yer worried too much about asset coding, which I assume the art department adds to the game, yes. Not those individuals that actually work on the mechanics of the game . but proceed to overlook the intent of the thread and nit pick, i welcome the bumps =)

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I think most people realize there’s not that much overlap between the teams creating art assets and the ones fixing code. I think what most people have a problem with is the game being in the state it is, and then seeing the company putting out (paid) expansions, rather than focusing entirely on fixing it. It’s not so much about manpower - we don’t have the inside scoop on that anyway - as it’s about focus.

And, most critically, I think it’s painfully obvious that Funcom’s QA department is either woefully understaffed, or otherwise… challenged. As you yourself noted, even a tiny, supposedly entirely cosmetic DLC had bugs in it that slipped through to release.

As for needing the income - yeah, maybe they do. Running a bunch of servers really doesn’t cost a lot (compared to keeping developers employed) in the grand scheme of things though - especially when you don’t have to employ Game Masters or other personnel.

However, I am not playing on the official servers for free. I paid for the game, and part of that purchase was a number of official servers available for play. The fact that they don’t generate a monthly revenue is beside the point - keeping them running should have been (and most likely is) part of the estimated post-launch expenses of the game.

Exactly how long the company can be expected to keep running servers after the product stops being actively developed - well, that’s a bit more fuzzy. But three months post launch, and with the product still in an unfinished state? No, it’s too early to start asking players to feel grateful for servers being up, IMHO.

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great response =)

FC did state how they were funding the servers from the get go I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) which was through these DLCs and not through the initial purchase of the game. I liken it to World of Warcraft (or other pay model mmo’s), you get the first 30days, after that, its a sub fee, FC just decided to make those sub fee’s asset additions.

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Funcom sell 1.4 million copys of a beata game ‘thay need the revenue’ thats a load of crap and thay will not get anymore cash from me antill the base game is stable

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And that cash they got was used to stop them from going out if businesses as it is best to remember that as well.

Horse piss

“The Art Team presents: The Jewels of The West”

That’s all they need to do. Add “The Art Team presents” in front of the title.

Not everyone looks for information in favor of Funcom. Who does that?

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