I can see the shytestorm coming when the Devs return from vacation and release the Aquilonian DLC :(

Not to mention the cheap lanterns and braziers which have the same luminosity as the stuff requiring coal.

The Aquilonian DLC is gonna be WAY OFF DA HOOK :smiley: EVERYTHING in that DLC looks awesome! Especially the greatsword and heavy armor. The big statues are going to look amazing on my public Maprooms.

I’ve been farming a lot of bricks meanwhile. The hype is realz.


It sounds like your as excited as me!! My kids like the decorating stuff from khitan and they want all the new stuff for their offline builds.

I hope that there is a nice bonus like the khitan heavy in this package too

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If the Black Dragon Heavy is heat resist with STR i’m gonna be OMFG happy :slight_smile:

Then Grrr Legbiter can take all the time he wants to spawn on rare purges :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s exactly what I am hoping for too

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I have loved the game from day 1 of EA! I bought the first dlc and I will buy the next one…np…I have no game breaking bugs.(right now lol) I feel bad for the people who do and who lost everything, I would nerd rage to,but to a reasonable point! :kissing_heart: Plus we need to remember, funcom got bombarded with “realease the big patch already! Just do it! How much worse can you mess the game up anyways!” You never listen to the community!" What’s taking so long!" So they listened and boom! Here we are. So yea,its inevitable that people are going to flip S$!T :smile: There are always 2 sides to the story and the customer isn’t always right,you just have to make them feel like they are.:wink: I would much rather go back to the every 2 week patch that has been tested as best they can than this rush job to keep the impatient people happy…which doesn’t work anyways lol…


“Fortune goes to those with a prepared mind.”
I was one of those people prepared for a bugged patch and I flourished.


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