What the hell reason for combos and 'advanced' battle mechanics

if you get 2H heavy-facerolled by guy in sightly better gear?
Was PvP even considered to be balanced and tactics/skill based?
Or everyone must just play like Schwarzenegger?

It’s not supposed to be ‘balanced’. It’s a tiered progression, where the quality of your gear enhances your ability to survive. Stone is eclipsed by Iron. Iron is shattered by Steel.
The importance of quality decreases as you advance, so that the difference between Hardened Steel and Starmetal is not as big of a gap as between Stone and Iron.

It’s not balanced in the way that a game like PUBG is, or Halo.

It’s balanced and tactical when you are fighting Steel vs. Steel, or somebody at a roughly equal tier to you.

This gameplay emphasizes power and advantage, where if you have good gear, you’re going to have a really easy time slaying through lower-level zones. And yes, it will be the same for slaying lower-level players as well.

Don’t play like Arnold. In fact, when you’re low-level, you will probably want to run and hide until you gain more experience.

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i’m not talking about weapon tier, but about face rolling with 2H sword which cannot be interrupted because of fast aoe HA

Shield to make the sword rebound or dodge and then stunlock them. Also the initial heavy attack wind up is slow, giving you ample time to move or get a first strike.

Most, if not all, weapons have a set of strengths and weaknesses. Just gotta find ways to exploit the weaknesses.

It’s incredibly hard to stun lock 2H combos, half of them are pretty big AoE and ignores stun, it seems like that only bleed and poison can counter it.

Yeah, that’s why you dodge and then stun lock before they begin to swing again. They’re almost impossible to interrupt once they start a swing. Just gotta time it well.

You could also go with heavy armor and use an axe. The fourth hit from a heavy combo should flatten them out on the ground, yeah?

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Make gas orbs and a Sandstorm mask. Stand in gas and shoot snake arrows = cripple + poisoned.
GG 2H users ! Cant heal and cant run away fast enough.

Oh yeah, gaseous orbs + sandstorm mask is pretty strong. I wouldn’t use arrows though. Snake arrows are really weak, as is the poison from them. Also, you have to hit their legs to inflict cripple. A sword will cripple them regardless of where they are struck.