What would you like to see in the next Age? Thievery... AN AGE OF THIEVERY

I’d really like to see an Age revolving around a more subtle approach… Maybe with learnable Thief/Rogue style skills of a more professional leaning, such as:

  • Lockpicking/Key crafting (At the Casting Bench): Players can craft keys and or lock picks to open enemy doors, or chests. Maybe it could be like a Tool, rather than how Elder Scrolls does lockpick mechanics, and you have to go through an animation like with Sacrificial Altars, meaning to use it, you’re stuck on the spot until the animation completes. It could even have Tiers like weapons and tools that currently exist, and perhaps uses Expertise rather than Agility to improve your chances of successfully opening locks (it would be similar perhaps to having a Thaumaturgy Bench Sorcerer craft a Sorcerous Scroll with regard to success, meaning repeating the same animation until it finally works or your lockpick fully breaks or you get made, and then have enemy thralls/pets trying to kill you)

-option 2: Acid vial (At the Alchemist’s Bench): For pouring into door locks or storage chest locks to make it OPEN temporarily, so that that specific door or chest becomes useable by ppl other than the clan/individual who owns it, until the timer runs out/someone repairs or destroys that door/chest. It could use Dragonpowder as an ingredient, and or be considered an Orb with regard to weight and stack size.

  • Lock Traps: As a direct foil for the new lockpicking idea above, get Carpenter’s Benches or Artisan Tables the option to craft traps that install on doors, for when a would be Lock Pick Thief fails to open the door (or if they can be disarmed, hasn’t disarmed the trap first) a prize for failing, in the form of poison darts, spike traps, explosive jar, poison gas orb, demonfire orb etc.

  • Smoke Orb/Bomb: Like Smoke arrows, but in throwing orb style for when things go terribly wrong and you want to cover your escape or mess with enemy player vision.

  • Disguise Kit: Craft at an Alchemist’s Bench, using Ichor and Fur or something, creates a one-use kit that lasts for maybe 2 minutes on use, effectively giving the player the Cloak admin power vs exiles up to T3. Named exiles and Boss grade exiles aren’t fooled. Like Invisibility, it is lost the moment your character interacts with or attacks something or the timer runs out. Very small stack size like with reagents. Lengthy activation time as the character has to apply the disguise slowly, leaving them vulnerable during activation animation until it is completed or someone attacks them, it is destroyed/used if the animation is interrupted similar to healing potion mechanics.

  • Pickpocketing: Percentage chance that improves with Expertise stat growth perhaps? Or its own stat, where you can target certain small objects (though not equipped things, like current armour or weapons) from an unaware/non-aggressive target.

-Re-enable/Expand/Add to Building Part Traps: Spike Traps and Launcher Foundation Traps (like the ones in Klael’s Dungeon that hurl you high into the air) could do with maybe some pendulum blade traps, Wall Dart Traps or Descending Ceiling/Falling Block traps.

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I suggested this a while ago too, it would be fun. Lockpicking would enable raiding without bombing the crom out of your target’s base. It would also be cool to see thief/bandit themed clothes and gear, maybe things like placeable crows that warn you when someone approaches, traps to counter lockpicking etc.

I mean Conan himself was famously a thief, warrior, king, pirate and more.

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I’d like to see a “Golden Age” akin to the industrial revolution, but not as advanced.

A Battle Pass that could introduce many QoL systems that have been discussed on this forum in the past. Such as Key Rings, Backpacks, additional equipment slots and a large effort to spruce up the GUI and character customization system.

New slots for rings/jewelry/neckless/ears/tattoos. All of which give bonuses of some sort. Not necessarily ability based… but feature based.

Example: A compass ring or neckless that gives you some sort of travel bonus. Be that movement speed, more stamina, or mini-map/compass additions. Item’s like this could come in tiers, and with a variety of qualities similar to light/medium/heavy armor. With drawbacks/benefits.

Example: Wagon for your horse/self. To carry thralls or resources. Maybe it does not fight, but it might be able to hold more resources and be more durable than a thrall.

Capes! I wanna see a new cloak/accessory spot! Battle elephants with thralls on top to rain down arrows!


What would I like to see in the next age…? How about a game that isn’t bugged? How about a game that doesn’t ‘lose connection’ 2-4 times a session, especially in a purge, or a boss fight situation? How about a game that allows you to mount your horse on the 1st attempt, and not after button mashing for 10 seconds? How about a game that doesn’t allow glitches to be the norm during PvP? How about a game where you can transfer ONE character from one map to a different map without any problems? How about a game that values its customer base and doesn’t rip them off in online transactions? How about a game that actually has customer service and actively communicates with its player base?

How is that for a start…?


Chapter 3 is the age of thievery which is why all the love is being shown to Exiled Lands. They got our money for Siptah but refuse to expand it while progressing EL which previously they claimed they couldn’t. Btw Ninja, Shogun, and Samurai armor and weapons. Why have an oriental race if you’re not going to have respect for their culture after all?

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I also want an S&M bondage dungeon, clothing , and gear as imagined by Frazetta, Valejo, and Bell.

I keep thinking it’s going to be Age of Gods.

The religion system was one of the big selling points that made Conan Exiles unique from other survival multiplayer games. However, it’s been buggy and unpolished since as long as I can remember. Altars don’t have all that much utility, and the whole system could be so much more than it is now.

Also, during the most recent dev livestream they briefly showed a Setite cultist outfit with emotes in the bazaar. Granted, sorcery and Set go hand in hand, but the age of sorcery revolves around Mek-kamosis the Set religion trainer discovering a new way to harness sorcerous power. It only makes sense to me that with his new-found powers we would see an update to religious utility.

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As mentioned in previous threads on topic, this one would best like to see either:

  1. Age of War, with a reexamination of siege systems, especially defensive, and the role of beasts and summoned things in those sieges as well as purge and counter purge measures.
  2. Age of Civilization, Ancient and Wicked, with a re examination of religions, shelter, and food bonuses and the ability to put thralls on the Nergal orb or at least in other clothes.

That having been said, the components mentioned about thievery tickle both itches and would not be unwelcomed.

Oh please no…

Locking QoL behind a time limited paywall is one of this one’s least favourite of moves possible. Unless the goal is to exponentially increase the frequency of Pay to Win threads on the forum, this one does not image it is a good idea.

That having been said, locking it behind the Battle Pass is the only issue this one takes with the lovely suggestions made.


Nice ideas but… i am 99% sure we gonna get Age of Gods (total religion revamp)

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Considering the number of threads and comments of Bazaar prices you’d think we’re already living in the Age of Thievery, with Funcom/Tencent being the thief.

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Age of monsters,
Purge update with more availble purges enemies and styles.
Maybe more difficulties, with even end bosses having the capacity for summoning an avatar if the purple bar reaches the top.
Mounted enemies, sorcerors casting darkness or call dead, bat flying waves making archers more important.
Catapults mobile being pulled into position requiring dragon powder to remove.

Wouldnt mind an Age of contruction with refining the building system bit more, maybe functional traps.
More base defence options such as catapults, etc manable by thralls a decent hot tar cauldron etc
Doors that close after someone has walked through :wink: maybe not on pve/c


I want more iconic characters in the game like Red Sonja , Thulsa Doom, and Kull of Atlantis.

I am not saying the BP would be locking out QoL changes. Every battle pass comes with free stuff, and game additions. The BP is just the Fluff. That was my insinuation. They create something that focuses on QoL improvements for everyone, while throwing a few skins into a battle pass. Was more my thinking.


Gratitude for the clarification.
This one has been a touch jumpy on the subject of late.

QoLs and enhancement for travel and transport would be fun. While we have map rooms and teleporters, something to enhance caravan living could be fun.

A Caravan Event would be cool.

A Caravan hitching post starter point -like outside Sepermeru or even Buccaneer Bay that leads to the opposite one, where a clan/players can sign up as Caravan Guards before it starts, and get paid to join the defenders and potential after event rewards for (attempting to?) defend it from clans/players/purges trying to raid it along the way.

Those players trying to raid it get a shot at decent rewards themselves (essentially stealing the guards post-event pay before the event ends).

Possibly mounts would become potentially useful (at least to raiders if the caravan moves fast enough), and baggage beasts could get some play too perhaps.

I think the devs didn’t like all the traps. Look at the walls closer next time you go to kinscourge.

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Red Sonja is a different IP, Funcom doesn’t have the rights for her.

Thulsa and Kull are from a different age altogether - although there is a canonical precedent for Kull traveling into the future, I think that particular plot has been used up already. If we start throwing time travel into the mix, the risk of things getting silly enough to provoke the Colonel quickly gets too high.

Yes however Red Sonja could still work after all they just have to ask. After all she was in the classic Conan comic series from Marvel back in the 70’s-80’s. As long as she looks like the comic version I am great. Arnold played the prince in the movie while Sandahl Bergman aka Valeria played Ghedron in the movie adaption.

I want to be able to nail a message to someone elses base door.

Also I’d like to be able to graft a wight-skin for my followers, the same way AoS 1 added it for horses.
It would be cool if there was some kind of ritual perhaps.

Id like an ability to build water pools, to create nice palaces. This is just for cosmetic. Currently the only way for me to have water pools in my base is to build over water. That can be restrictive in a public server.

Iirc Arnold also called Red Sonja the worst movie he has ever made. Lol. Thats saying something for someone who has made such gems such as “Pumping iron”, “Junior” and “Commando”.

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