What's holding Conan Exiles from greatness?

You know, I thought the same thing when they brought the avatars back. I started when they were down and got my PVP education during that time.

When avatars came back, I was like ‘WTF is this crap?! Way to encourage smash it with a rock mentality vs strategy’ I don’t see magic any different than avatars…especially on Siptah with the Sigil of the Gremlin making god favor such an easy thing to collect.

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i yhink the boddest issie i have with the game os that oy has a lot of individual mechanivs yhay are not balanced to work in unison or jusy feel.like yhey are added without a why? to the game play.

The “magic crap” is for me and mine the best part of the game now.

Your mileage will often vary.


The Lag, bad support and policies


Do you not even realize the contradiction you just posted? Why would you be asking for more content when you just stated that every time they add more content they create more and more bugs (while ignoring all the times they fix bugs).


Wait, I thought horses destroyed PvP?

Or was it the orignial bomb dupe bug that destroyed PvP?

Jeeze… pvp has been destroyed so many times I just can’t keep up any more.


It must be negative destroyed by now :smiley:


PvP has allegedly been destroyed so many times over the past five years that I lost track and stopped paying attention.

Well… to be totally fair he said it was “each update” made it worse (or added more)… not content additions.

He’s of course right, although I think it also shows a lack of understanding or awareness. Funcom uses players to play-test their releases - and then fixes what is found and properly reported… If a person doesn’t understand that or isn’t aware of it then every significant “update” is going to be more frustrating than is warranted or necessary. For those who get it, it just needs a few weeks of patience.

Of course some may disagree with that style of play-testing and debugging and they have their points too.

You cant destroy what was only an illusion to sell more games at launch. PvP (raid type) never really existed. There were some mechanics that made you think pvp was a long term goal of FC, but as far as a true game mode, it has and always will be meta–play long hours and offline raid. No tweaks or balance passes will fix that, unless they directly are made to address it (DbD, better economy on farming/hoarding are examples that need to be worked on the most).

No no. It’s when they removed the original dodge roll.

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I think the original vision was focused on PvP. They just realized post facto that pvp players require more capability than they were able to deliver and the money is easier to bring in from PvE players.


That and the team had some leadership changes up top that steered the ship in a different direction as far as pve vs pvp.

I saw the title of this thread and had to laugh my ass off…

No, the original dodge roll destroyed PvP. Remember the rants about how “poke-and-roll” was the meta, especially with a Grit build that made dodging basically unlimited?

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From the data I can dig up, I honestly don’t think PvP is very central to this game. I understand that PvP players want it to be as good an experience as it can be, but they need to realize that it’s a small minority of all players that play PvP and therefore updates may introduce things that are very poorly balanced for PvP.

You look at the Steam charts, server browser and the unofficial browsers and you’ll see that the majority of in-game players aren’t playing on public servers at all.

You look at the servers that are public and you’ll notice that the majority are PvE.

This isn’t really an excuse to not try to balance PvP as well as it can be, but it is a legit reason for why it’s not prioritized very heavily.

Far as I can tell, CE’s playerbase is split in order of size to:
Single-player/co-op → public PvE → public PvP

Bad servers and gamebreaking bugs

Right. I’d forgotten that. Poke and roll really was pretty ridiculous though. Especially on a private server where the stamina consumption rate was set low.

Yeah I’m not missing the old dodge roll sonic-the-hedgehog poke/roll/poke/roll tactical genius that was running amuk everywhere.

That’s what Dave said.

Please watch his video of 2018 weapon animations. It made me go to my PS4 that is disconnected from the Internet and play the revision thereupon. We had greatness. The debate should be whether it was at Launch, Debut or even Frozen North.

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