Whats inside the Subway package?

Someone bought it already?

  • QL 25 Supercharged nano crystal (profession specific)
  • QL 25 Vacuum Packed Crude Silencer Armor - (lvl 25 locked, buffs a little init, hp, nano, 1 ncu)
  • QL 25 Sealed Implant and Spirit Package
  • Vacuum Packed Omni-Med Suit
  • Belt Component Platform 300X (lvl 25 locked)
  • 3x 8 NCU Memory (lvl 25 locked, 80 Comp Lit)
  • QL 25 Sealed Prototype Ofab Weapons
    • spawns 1 melee package, 1 ranged package
    • each spawn 1x 1h weps and 2x 1h weapons
    • Prototype Ofab… QL 25 weapons, lvl 25 locked

The backyard explorer pack I would think gives the same stuff, but QL 1 imps and ql1 items

Correct, but QL1 Implants.
Additionally one might want to know that the Prototype Ofab Weapons at QL1 are worse than the starter weapons…

is this purchase per character or for every character on 1 game account?

Since the armor doesn’t go past 25 and the weapons suck, I don’t think they’re worth 600 points.


Per character