What's so great about morph suits?

Why do morph suits command premium prices? Is it just their rarity compared to other Halloween pieces or do they have some functionality beyond just turning your entire body orange (or whatever color)?

Just based on rarity. And the superpowers they give you.

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Turning your entire body orange isn’t enough? What more do you want from them!?

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In addition to being relatively rare, the colored (red, green, blue and orange) morphsuits were also new this year, so veterans were more likely to keep them for themselves instead of throwing them on the market.

And if you get a black one and throw on the CDC Respirator, you’ve got a decent gimp suit.


Too bad they don’t work with gloves and boots to make sentai suits, but red is good for a devilish look and black is great for pretending visibility actually factored into stealth.

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The future is Gold
Also Charlize is the only able to play Meta-Moth

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The true beauty of morph suits can only be experienced in combination with a Orochi Hover-Tech Stealthboard.

Neat. I just reinstalled and still had a mission turn in from halloween a year or two ago and got a morph suit. I guess it doesn’t surprise me that the drop table was retroactively patched but it does with this game