Everyone else sees me naked

One of my guildies last night apparently worked up the courage to do what nobody had done before - ask me what is going on with my character’s appearance. I said, what do you mean, I’m just wearing raid armor and my character is inspectable so you can look at it. She said, no, you are a naked black man wearing a loincloth with a white face. I said WHAT? Then all my guild agreed - yeah you always look that way. Just thought you were weird. WTF

We sent pics back and forth in discord to compare what each other saw. In the end we found out it was because in my ‘Power’ tab, my helmet was unchecked. I didn’t figure that it mattered, since I had it overriden with a vanity helmet anyway. But apparently to everyone else it made all my armor disappear.

Later this made me think about all the people running around naked in this game since the beginning - I’ve always figured it’s just the playerbase. Now I’m wondering how many of them just had their power helmet unchecked and on their own screen they were wearing armor.


What I saw vs What they saw

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Bug from the morphs I think.

i was thinking the same.

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Interesting, you mean hox demon forms, or the social morphs?

Kitty has a mod where she can remove your clothes at her whim. True story.

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both can bug in weird ways, even necro lich forms, etc

Kitty wasn’t the one to point it out, she just gave me the image because she saw the same as others.

Morph bug,thats for sure,happens to my hox also.

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