What's with the thrall bonuses?

So… I had no human fighter for a while, but I jumped back on one of my older characters to test something and I saw this:

Was always the bonus melee damage from points in strength this low? I mean 36 plus points is not a whole lot, but only 14% bonus from that?

Or am I just dumb and forgot a lot of things in a couple months? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

im not sure if I understand the question completely.

That said, the 14% that you see, is from whatever food you gave your Thrall.
It is the percentage increase in growth, in your case 70+14, for a total of 84% chance that Strength with increase when your Thrall levels.

You may also find some helpful information here-

I hope that helps.

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Actually is perk is 14% as well.
But you are correct about the food %.

For the STR modifier, it was reduced because yhralls were op with the iteration youbremember. that 14% stacks on top 9f damage equation.

Basically it is dmg of weapon x hidden modifier (table linked shows those) x (1+Str perk%).
So Sword of crom could be 97x2.4x1.14
232 x1.14 = 265. So that 14 % is worth 35 dmg


If you comparing it to a beastmaster teimos or relic hunter treasure seeker bonus %, most would get confuse about it as well.
Just a sample I have on hand currently
Take a beastmaster teimos:

For every point in str, it increase by around 0.82%
While a relic hunter treasure seeker would:

Increase by around 0.81% for every point in str.
Then it would make Spinas the marauder doesn’t seen like much with his around 0.39% increase for every point in str.

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Without me looking at thrall modifier table, I think Marauder has a higher base modifier. so take that time 1+str % and see what the actual modifier would be.

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Taken from the wiki, melee multiplier:
Relic hunter treasure seeker - 2.21
Beastmaster Teimos - 2.08
Spinas the Marauder - 2.21
Cimmerian Berserker - 2.24
Dalinsia Snowhunter - 2.21
Might be different but since it hidden we won’t know until someone goes to check.

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Thanks guys!

I was aware of most of the numbers, but the bonus % from points seemed a bit lower than I remembered.
I never really paid attention to those bonuses because the base modifier does way more damage-wise, and in SP it is waaay more than enough.

Or maybe I used to the crazy 4-500% damage bonuses that the animals have. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks for pulling them. Relic Hunters are technically LvL III, so that is perplexing why devs made them stronger Melee wise than Named.

Remember it 8s base modifier x (1+bonus%).
So 14% for Relic us 2.21x1.14= 2.52, so 0.34 more modifier.

You can check these values if you are an admin on the server you play on, or in single player. Take the follower you wish to check, tell them to follow you. Then in the console type the following:

GetFollowerStat DamageModifierMelee

You may want to open the full console (use ` twice). It should give the number as an output.

For kicks and giggles, you can change the number by using Set instead of Get followed by a space at the end and then the number. So if you wished to revert say Dalinsia back to her old value you’d use:

SetFollowerStat DamageModifierMelee 3.9

It nice to know but I can’t do it cause i am on ps4 :sweat_smile:

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