When are godbubbles recieving their 36h limit fix?

It’s been a while now, there are a lot of bases with perma godshields that cannot be trebucheted and/or orbed.

I don’t really care about the avatars, I get it, avatars used to be a pain in the ■■■ in the past. But since orbs and trebuchets are also useless against the inner circle of a god shield, some bases become nigh unraidable if built correctly. These are usually ontop high point areas.

36h is more than enough time to find another archpriest and make another t3 temple, but the fact archpriests are now harder to obtain gives opponents a window to strike. Right now there are no windows.

Fix this please, make pvp fair. Either remove the orb/trebuchet resistance from the shields or get the 36h limit in.

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