When being released on Epic?

I don’t ever wanna spend a single euro on steam so i check epic store.
so there was a page for Conan but “soon” on the buy label.

so when is Soon?

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loss for the company then consider i will never ever buy it on steam
on top of that 30% each sale they pay to a extorsion rate

I don’t know, maybe I say foolish things, but if you get inside the Funcom page, is it impossible to buy the game from there? Just asking, I don’t know.

It’s scheduled to be released on Epic during Donald Trump’s 2nd term in office.

must be desperate then if you likely wanna create 30 free accounts.
also from what i understand the game is death in the MMO environment single player is where the game strength is.

also lot of MMO games being released free on epic inc Battlefront II and elite dangers
do you see abuse on those servers? or is it only the people that play Exiles that are jackass’s?

There was some strangeness with Conan Exiles on Epic Store. It was already listed there, but the release was canceled for some reason. I’m not entirely sure what the reasons were, and I’d rather not speculate because some explanations I’ve heard have been towards tinfoil hat territory.

What I do find curious is that someone boycotting Steam would want to do business with Epic, whose business practices have occasionally been, shall we say, morally ambivalent.

Lol I think Epic splitting the game community is worse… (same for Ubisoft, EA Games, Microsoft store and so on).

Yeah devs pay less on Epic but only indy devs might have trouble with this… so when a game is probably not worth it its less likely to end up cluttering the Steam store.

But looking at the Steam store there is a lot of indy dev puke already, so revenue doesn’t seem to be a issue here.

They have a friend list but everything else seems very uncomplete yeah.

Funny cause I have Epic games account too for the free games, but when a game is on sale on Steam and I like it I buy it on Steam anyway LOL.

The end of officials? :joy: The end officials came a long time ago… :anguished:

I think you have it turned around.

For Indy devs, 30% of profit for advertising and publishing is great. Its way more expensive to do it yourself. For big time companies, its a ton of money because they expect to sell way more units and for more.

For example, a $10 game selling 50,000 units (a small hit) pays only $150,000 for publishing and advertising. While a AAA game who sells a million units for a $60 pays $18M when it may have cost a fraction to do it in house. Which is why many do it in house. Its sometimes some of us consumers are stubborn and the only way to reach us is to sell it on Steam. But better to make $40 each unit instead of $60, over the $0 we’re paying.

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Can’t argue with that, you’re right

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