When can you tell what type of pet will result from taming?

I’m asking this about rocknoses, but I assume it works similarly for all pet taming.

So: I’m trying to get Gold Vein Rocknoses. I put 5 Pebblenoses in my armored animal pen, and 5 gold dust. I understand that for each one, there is a 80% chance of getting a regular rocknose and a 20% chance of getting a gold vein. So on average, with 5 in there I should get 1 gold-vein. But, probablilty being what it is, I have a 33% chance of getting none at all and a 26% chance of getting 2 or more of them.

On my first try, with the 5 pebblenoses and 5 gold dust, I got 5 icons with progress bars that all say “rocknose”, not “gold-vein rocknose”.

So my real question is, when does the game decide which kind of rocknoses are going to be created? If I see the regular rocknose icons in the progress bar right away, does that mean for sure that I got unlucky and all of them are definitely going to end up being regular rocknoses? Or does it not decide what kind of rocknoses they are going to be until AFTER the progress bar completes?

If the decision is made as soon as training starts, then I’m going to just cancel all those and go get 5 more eggs and start over, but if it doesn’t decide until the end, obviously I still have to wait and see what pops out.

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Usually, yes. There is no special icon for baby rocknoses that designates which one are them. And, the UI probably does not tell you much.


the game decides when they are created so at the end of the process , to avoid cheesing by canceling . or maybe the game has already chosen but the icon of regular rocknose is just a “placeholder” you can confirm this is the case cause before acheiving the process any annimals show their normal icon in the progress bar and some turns out to be greater ones , and in this case also you wouldn’t know wich ones to cancel so no cheesing the game .

either one of this scenario in the end you are better relying on luck :wink: ( and shadebloom )


They seem to be much more rare than 20%. Some time ago I tried to get them and had only 1 of 10 and at the end maybe 3 of 20, I don’t remember exactly. No Shadebloom, Gold dust only.

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