When do bases enter the decayed state?

Went on break for the Easter Sunday weekend. When I cam back, one of my bases was in a decayed state with more than 100 hours in it’s decay timer.

In the past (with the 7 day decay timer), bases go into the decayed state 24 hours before the base decays. Therefore it goes into a decayed state on the 6th day.

When the decay timer was extended to 10 days, when should the bases go into the decayed state? Day 6 or Day 9?

A fully reset decay timer on a base is now 240 hours (10 days). Just as before (when the fully reset timer was 168 hours), a state of decay hapens when that number reaches 0.00 hours and lasts for 24 hours (in which time another player may raid and even ‘demolish’ your base). Nothing has changed except the amount of time a base has before it reaches 0.00.

Now, the question arises as to why one of your bases was in a state of decay. It may simply be that, even though you may have been in the base before your break, the timer may not have fully reset (which does happen from time to time). I would suggest you carry a repair hammer with you and check the timer has reset to the full 240 hours in future, just to avoid anything like this happening again.

Altertnatively, the base may have not been ‘connected’ to another part of the base and therefore had a different decay timer hence the decayed state.

I hope this answers your questions.


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