When does it Launch? (PC)


From your dev videos I am more then happy with what I see.
When will it launch? “This year” can mean tomorrow or dec 31st.

I have seen the posts about development taking longer cause of consoles. Please separate PC then? We wants it! (PC)

Happy to read today that PC release date will be December 4th on Twitter. But I asked them if it will be full controller support on Steam, no reply from them. I need to know so I can decide if I want to play on PC or PS4.

If they reply now, I can make use of their promo code for Pre-order (PC) on their site. Otherwise I guess I’ll wait for release and get straight from Steam…

Been excited for so long!

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The game launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on December 4th and there will be controller support on PC :slight_smile:

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