When is the background music fix coming to PS4?

I personally am missing the background music a lot, and PC seems to have gotten the fix for it a week ago already, so I wanted to ask when it is coming to PS4.

I believe they have that update pending certification from what I’ve seen in another post.


Hey there @Zaraki55, welcome to our community.

As other players kindly pointed out, it is awaiting certification. It’s taking a while longer because we’re merging that patch with another we sent previously to cert that include some PS4-oriented optimizations.
Apologies for the delay and frustration, and thanks for your feedback and patience.


Oh thank you, sorry for being a bit impatient, i just really miss playing the game with its background music :sob:


Dozens? havn’t seen a post about it myself. >_>

granted, I’m not tracking every Dev comment known… I just click thru threads I figure I might get or can help in.

Yea same, only found 2 other threads, but its fine