When we will have refunded the items which we lost due to the last patch?!


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*** I have a question, a really important question. Since hotfix was released but the loss of items is not yet here I am curious… when and how do you guys plan to refund the items which were lost due to lack of testing (and/or professionalism) before the last patch was applied?! Items which were farmed on my free time which is not unlimited same as my patience… for example an yog altar with archpriest in it + 2.000 farmed coins which were in it as well. They all decided to leave from me along with the time lost for farming them… Any further plans to do something about this? I don’t even wanna hear about losing for free the time which I spent for farming all those for no reason. I speak also in the name of dozen of people which lost their hard farmed lvl 4 thralls and so on… can I know when I will get my stuff back? Thank you!

P.S.: I play on an official server as well with the rate of drop x 2 but since this patch the “special items” required to make coins from, in the altars are not dropping x 2 anymore which makes no sense, because why I am even playing on a server with x 2 rate anyway then? So I will have more fun farming everything back to replenish the “Funcom raid” but now to farm 2.000 npcs instead of 1.000. Amazing ain’t it?! And to get more disconnected when I try to bring thralls to wheel also will help even more to everyone who lost them. Great job!


How does £10 each sound?


You didn’t lose anything, not even time, because you chose to spend that time playing a game to begin with. This isn’t like Funcom owes you damages or something. Asking for a refund here just says you place a value on your time, that makes me question why you spent it acquiring materials in game, on a server, to begin with. I mean if the risk of losing from a server wipe was so high, or a patch, or whatever, then why were you not playing it local? Or on your own server? Someplace where if something happened, you could at least somewhat counter act your risk using admin features to try and get yourself back to where you were, or reverting to an earlier save file.


Yea…wont happen …would be nice lol but will not happen…expect this from this type of game and you will get over it faster…you’ll still get very mad,I sure as hell do lol…but I expect it now.


I chose to spend time in a game because I wanted this. But this doesn’t mean that I need to lose everything or something due to an patch without any reason especially in a game that is not free to play. Even in a free to play game you wanna do your best in order to motivate your players to buy something anyway. If this would be a wipe or a thing that happened to all people on my server I would be more than ok… but why I need to fall back in progress compared with other players that didn’t lost anything maybe? Their money were better than mine?! Why do I have to pay for something and to be put in a situation where I spent my time and I get nothing in return. I pay to play and get fun, why to get disappointment? I chose what to do with my time and money… I chose this game, I want to get full satisfaction from it and to not lose things that were not supposed to be lost.


No, it needs to happen… I won’t get over it fast at all. I don’t want to lose stuffs which were not supposed to be. If I would lose them to a raid, a server wipe or something like this would be more than fine. But to get raided by Funcom itself?! That’s not the way to patronize a game! They need to repair their mistakes!


LOL! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well, when the first big patch came out, I lost a Chest of Deamon blod, A chest of Gold and Silver, a chect of Grease and fire orbs, A named thrall and 2 work benches, In this hot fix I lost a chest of Steel, A chest of Iron and a 1/2 full chest of harden steel, this is not right, but it is what it is, i will have to start again and make it all back up,

it would be nice if Funcom would help in this but it will not happen.


Ask your server admins if they are willing to replace missing items, just be honest about what has disappeared.


Funcom did provide a way to address this, it is the usual co-op/single player game, where you can bring up admin panel and have everything right back, or on your own server if you have one. If your expectation is a stable save, and server, along with assistance in an event like this, dedicated is what you should have been on. Expecting or feeling you deserve some sort of refund or assistance to regain lost materials on official servers, knowing that officials are not heavily administered, isn’t a realistic expectation at all.


no, i was just anwsering Banana,

it is what it is, funcom will not help, and i do not play single player or co/op, All I am saying is I am bummed that i lost alot but I will just replace it, it just take time, in this game you can just replace and reubuild


[quote=“DethosThePict, post:11, topic:24774”]
Funcom did provide a way to address this, it is the usual co-op/single player game, where you can bring up admin panel and have everything right back, or on your own server if you have one.[/quote]

How does that help the many thousands of players who play on public servers, official and unofficial?


Patch causes issue with inventories, or bases.

On officials, if this were supported, it result in hundreds of support staff hours, going through tickets, checking logs, communicating with players, etc, etc. All of that having a substantial real world cost.

On local game, open admin panel, done.

On dedicated, if your server same as above, if not, hopefully you’ve taken time to be on a server and get to know that the admin believes in helping out players in these circumstances.

It helps by giving sounds advice to what sort of adjustment to expectations to have, and what you want to do, if losing things on official servers is an issue.


So I am not right to ask back what I lost due to their own mistakes and lack of professionalism? Did somebody told me this before I bought this game so I will know that I pay but I cannot be sure if next morning I will wake up and all my base and progress will be gone because they made another patch to “improve” the game? Do you think I paid this game to play on solo server? It is normal in a competitive game to lose something which will put me behind my possible opponents? What if I wanted to raid with that god or to activate the protection to not get raided in next day? What if I get raided and lose everything just because I’ve lost my protection? Why it’s not realistic to ask somebody to repair their mistake when they made it willingly? They announced not long before that this patch is ready for console users while the pc version is still full of bugs and yet they applied it! It’s this my mistake again, or maybe I did wrong to pay at 1st and expect a normal and fair gameplay + support from administration when it’s needed… if you talk about a certain subject at least think before please, thanks! :wink:


I agree, Banan you have a right to be mad hell i am mad, but I have been playing game a long time abd this stuff happens, and you have 2 option, quit and find a nother game or just look at it like I do, IT IS WHAT IT IS, and I like this game so I will replace everyting i lost on my own and not worry if Funcom owes be anything it is my choice to play this game.


On officials, if this were supported, it result in hundreds of support staff hours, going through tickets, checking logs, communicating with players, etc, etc. All of that having a substantial real world cost.

Real world cost?! And with what I’ve paid for the game? Monopoly bills? My money were not real enough, or the time I’ve spent working for them? Isn’t this their job?


I get your upset. But you are here and it is your own fault, accept it, live with it, move on and stop looking to have someone fix this issue for you.

You chose official servers, that is on you.

You knew officials are not actively moderated, that is on you.

You know we live in a world where things happen with software as it is updated, so something like this happening shouldn’t have been a surprise.

You knew all this, and went and it sounds like spent more time than you could care to loose, and became more emotionally invested in a game, then you should have. And that is all on you, no one else. Funcom didn’t do this to you, you did it to you.

Lots of people have either lost things with the patch, and quickly moved on, perhaps reassessing how to limit their risk in the future. Others prepared for this, and didn’t lose anything, by where and how they chose to play.


No, you paid forty bucks, for a great value I’d say. But your expectations are obviously much higher for how far your forty dollars should go, to the point of covering all your time sunk into playing the game and your progress.


It’s my choice to play this game… what happens now I didn’t knew when I chose to play it so I will be able to put in balance before taking the final decision! :wink: I could chose another game instead of knowing that at each update my whole base could disappear and I need to try to repair everything so I could be able to compete with the players on my server…


When I paid I chose to play for a stable project… I paid and bought it after game went out of early access. This kind of things were not supposed to happen. No matter 40 bucks or 1000 bucks… it’s the price which they chose and therefore they should offer the optimum conditions to be able to play and enjoy the game. I really don’t get it how some people can be so narrow minded to understand simple concepts like this. How would be to go and pay for a hotel room and get a bed in basement instead because you bought it when was a good offer but they decide that you paid to less for it? Or you’d go in a shop and you buy a piece of meat but they give you a rotten one for the same price because the price was too low and they decide that you don’t deserve it… hmmm interesting…