When we will have refunded the items which we lost due to the last patch?!


This is why I’m glad to be on a private server. Sadly we can’t play without having every other patch fck something up and have us wait for a solid patch so we can restore the server then play. It’s been really bad since mid april,I hope they’re really enjoying their vacation.


@TheElephantTowerMan The devs are on vacation until August 13th. You will not get a response before then (if ever).


It is delusions of grandeur not illusions of grandeur.


Please stop.


So all lags, bug and problems will be up forever… nice company Funcom. Quality before everything!


Is this the first game you ever played or payed for?


Come and join our community on our private server.

We have a very active server, lots of new players and they are all very nice players.
We have 3 active admins who will sort out issues like your one if/when Funcom mess up the game.

Our server is privately owned (not rented) and is dedicated to run just this ONE game and has been active for over a year now.

Even with the cross words between us - Mostly born from frustration I’m sure, you and your friends would be more than welcome.

If you’d like to visit and give it a try, search for our server in the PVEC list:

The Isle of Pit (PvE-Conflict UK Server)

I’m confident that you’ll have a better experience than in an Official Server

The Isle of Pit on TopConanServers.com


I understand that bugs exists and errors are made.
But I’ve played lots of games where in case of bugs that impede good gameplay some ‘sorry packages’ are awarded.
Could be something simple like a chest with some hard to come by things like silver, gold, deamon blood, …
If a chest is too difficult, just put it into the inventory.

As for the release, might be an idea to create a number of servers (10 maybe) that get’s the release first.
If it’s ok, then distribute it to all servers.
If not, patch first.

my 2 cents


To all of you’re posts








Well, yes, it is the 1st game in which I see so many bugs, so careless devs, so many fails on so many levels, nobody that replies to your posts no matter here or is support (from devs)… game idea is really good but it looks like they ordered from another company and they cannot handle the project. I’ve played tons of free games in which I was seeing less important bugs being fixed within hours and here the game is close to collapse and yet they are not replying anything or do anything for weeks… if not months for other bugs. So yeah it is 1st game I see so much careless people doing nothing despite the fact it’s not even free! List of bugs… I need to write a full wall of text to count them… you can see dozen of them just by reading 1st few posts on this forum. Nothing changes, no replies, no actions, nothing…


English it’s not your strongest thing same as more things that I could possibly count judging just by this post! :stuck_out_tongue:


Please do this, we’ve all been asking for a full list like this, would make good reading and give you something to do whilst waiting for a reply… :slight_smile:

They are on holiday mate - all of them apparently. As I say, they wont reply to this thread however.


They are not all on holiday


I know there are a handful of people still about, but nothing meaningful is going to happen during this time, that’s what I mean mate. Sorry for the bad phrase.


We might not get a release, but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening.
Let’s try to keep it positive here.


I am curious in this question as well!


Perhaps send a private message. The Fora are for the users and gamers. It is a public forum so any member can post. You might have better luck with the PM.