When will Funcom buy Age of Calamitous mod?

Whole new game, if you havent played this mod you should. The vast expansion of the game is remarkable!

Good job mod team!

And that is exactly that - ‘a whole new game’

Conan Exiles is a genre-specific platform that is happily very accommodating to the Modding community. The platform also offers the best-looking, most realistic in-game action/scenery/creatures/movement (who can tolerate for any length of time the janky movement and ‘floaty’ combat systems of so many other similar world games?)

All this makes it most attractive to the better modders out there so we have mods such as PIPPI, AoC, Savage Steel, LitMans’, Emberlight, et al.


I mean, the mod is awesome and all, and the modders did a great job, that can’t be denied, BUT it breaks completely with the lore of the Conan world. For me that’s more than enough to exclude it from my game.


O’rlly? They’ve added Horticulture into vanilla game from mods, not to mention other additions. They are in close coordination with modders and Community, and it’s great.

To clarify, Funcom hasn’t ever taken direct code or assets out of people’s mods before (maybe worked with modders to bounce ideas off of and such and talk shop with regards to code and ideas). But worked with modders to add in new stuff and do bug fixes found by modders over the last couple years? Oh ya, constantly. Which is deserving of a shout out in itself. So many companies wouldn’t give their modding communities the time of day, Funcom embraces it fully.


Age of Calamitous is not that great at all. Honestly, I prefer not to use it.

That being said the people who made it did a great job. It’s just not really one that I prefer. Pippi on the other hand is A+++


No thanks … I read through what the Age of Calamitous offers and it did not appeal to me at all.
Not everyone has the same taste.

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I have to concur with the general vibe around here. As a mod, it’s a beautiful piece of work for those who want it, and I can only commend its creators on their hard work and deserved recognition. I would not want it rolled into the “vanilla” CE experience at all.

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No. Keep the mods out.

AoC is indeed a great mod but it turns the game into something different. I am all up for servers with AoC mod for those bored of the vanilla gameplay but adding the mod to the game as a core concept is not something I would like to see. It breaks the immersion for me.

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