When will sandstorms be patched?

I was in a 200+ foot deep crack in the ground surrounded by rocks, dead, it takes less than 30 seconds to get to water from my base with lots of cover from wind and even if the sandstorm hits after I’ve filled my water jugs and are already running back, I die lol, please tell me this is going to be fixed and an ETA because I’d rather just not play until then

I know about sandstorm masks, but I can’t stay alive long enough to be able to make one in fact I’m back down to a completely empty base except two storages, and outside of another player one time I’ve yet to die from anything else but sandstorms lol, if they’re not getting fixed I’m gonna have to flood the map with tiny buildings every 50 feet

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Screenshot? There are several areas like you describe that give protection from sandstorms. You’ll see your shelter buff be full or 90% full. That’s when you take no damage from sandstorms.

When I first started this game I felt that the storms were too strong also as I did die so often.
But you will find that the higher you get in level and more points added to your health you will be able to survive a lot longer in them without a mask.

I found the middle of the desert to be too harsh so stayed along the cliff lines early on where there was usually some place to hide.

I have actually survived outside in 3 sandstorms without protection now. first one was when I was level 30. kept eating meat and survived with a few HP left. was so happy as I survived it and had a story to tell.

small hint : you will see small things flowing through the air before the sandstorm really starts, so you can plan a little bit more your trips to the outside

there is also a early game sandmask, if I remember correctly it’s the seth mask

sandstorms in itself are working correctly and are especially in early game a good danger, but later you won’t have a problem with them.

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We’re still getting the occasional invisible sandstorm where you start taking damage but have no visual or audible indicator of the cause except the sandstorm icon. There’s no sand, no wind, no darkness - just clear blue skies, calm conditions and damage that will kill you unless you recognise the cause quickly.

If you don’t have a mask though, in the mid 20’s you can make a tent that you can carry around with you. Just drop it when the sandstorm looms, crouch under it and hope for the best. Till then, all you can do is try to find an overhang in a cliff face (or someone else’s stairs!) to hide under.

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that one is happening if you log in during a sandstorm or as long as your weather state is not synced. This will happen automatically during the catch-up period(look at server settings, use catch-up time)

it’s annoying and the sandstorm should be excluded from this catch up time to directly sync with the client

It is wild to me the things some people have problems with in games, and how my issues may be vastly different than others. I have probably died twice to sandstorms, and that was pre level 20 I would say. As stated above, grab a Set mask if you can, or just grind out that Sandstorm mask. Otherwise, I always just waited until a sandstorm hit, and knew I was pretty safe for quite a while until another one came through. The tent is also an option, so is hauling a few foundations, walls, and ceilings around. You can usually scout a quick shelter spot, either natural, or a player/game structure as soon as the Sandstorm indicators start swirling. You will make it though, just takes a little while to get used to.

One other option… Head East. If you make a base near Buccaneer’s Bay, sand storms do not strike that area.

Alternatively, it may be harder but up North above the desert you will not face sandstorms.

Settle in the tundra area and forget about sandstorms.

The environment needs to be ramped up. I live in the north with stats at 30 STR 20 in vit 30 vit 5 acc 27 grit and rest in encombrance wearing silent legion. Can run to the what I like to call the waste lands and sit in a sand storm and nothing happens. Even up north extreme cold and frostbite does nothing.

But you are end game. Generally the closer you get to end game, the more nusiance things like sand storms are suppose to not bother you.

I mean you might as well ask for late game NPC to not drop steel or hardened steel because you want to mine iron and work it up. Or to have t1 exile npcs buffed because you don’t find them challenging when they are not suppose to be at your level. In other words, are you sure it needs to be balanced as you seem to be part that part in the game.


So yeah end game is just perception. I play with a 3 man clan PvP server and still would love to play there is no challenge not even players. Built a base factory but everything is way to easy.
There supposed to be a hook to rhis to keep longivity if all I need really is 30 vit to survive the environment part of the game there is no challenge. Atm the only thing I can do is demolish my base and rebuild for more effective and productive building.

@stevey Set Masks, available at Level 20, also protect you from sandstorms.

Don’t listen to the naysayers, the storm hurt me on a previous server. I tried living at/near Scavenger’s Berth, and due to its location and NO SPOILERs the knowledge of the destination of the storm, I recognized the frequency was going to be extreme. In other words, sometimes there are places where you will seem to be constantly wrecked by them.

Watch your Shelter icon. Cram yourself in on trees, rocks, crags, whatever you can find until that house icon fills up as much as possible. Squat, contort, do the Macarena, whatever is necessary. The more the house is filled, the less damage you take.


Then don’t put 30 in Vitality. Don’t run round in silent legion armor. Or… Go solo bosses or face ice giant purges and build in the Lava/volcano zones.

I get you want a challenge. But you are looking for that challenge in places that you surpassed. It is similar to complaining that the rats in the start zone of almost every MMO are not challenging when you reach max level. That malea no sense and would not be fair to new players.

So fo make your own challenge. Play naked. Ir join a harsher private server.

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Frost giant perges all I get. And on an official I make it a point not to build in spawn locations so others can build up. I run nude most of the time and being PvP why would I not run 30 vit just to get 2 shot. The issue here is that none of the environments effect me. This is a survival game its suppose to be much harder soloing world bosses to easy. I don’t remember the last time some one tried to challenge me. But of course most ppl want an easy game so they can fill good about making poor decisions while playing.

I also believe sand storms just like in the intro should have terrorfing creatures in it and the deficulty should be the same in all zones.


Sorry, but I have to disagree with you here. Once you understand how sandstorms work, you’ll have no trouble surviving them. I thought the sandstorm was super cool and scary when I first started playing. It’s a survival game. The environment should be dangerous. They should add more dangerous weather elements in the jungle and the north. Things like blizzards and hailstorms. Just to keep people on their toes. It’s too easy to survive in these places once you know what you’re doing.


I understand what you are getting at. I like a goid challenge too.

However, I would be asking for hard core servers not a general buff to sand storms. In other words, make more harder difficulty settings when setting up a server or co-op game so that people could have all options, not force one set of harder options on all.

Ane i like the sand storm monster idea. Heck, make sand storms also have area effects… Like up north add blizzards that reduce visibility and add cold/frost bite. Over by the swamp, have the sand storm turn to a big locus swarm effect.

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Sandstorms are one that that seem pretty well balanced. Early on they are a pretty “oh no” and by the time you are one of the big dogs you might get a scratch. End game is further north, and the lava spares nobody.

This is honestly something a little silly to ask to be toned down. Do you know how many times I died by wolves when I played the first time through? Because I don’t, but I played the game, the whole survival part and theyre fodder like they should be. Take your time, enjoy the game and don’t expect it to be easy.

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thank you very much ok so most importantly I need to level up in a location without sandstorms, but yeah I was pressed against the cliffside with rocks trees etc so that spot at least is definitely broken I was in a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep narrow ravine so other low levels keep that in mind don’t bother trying to risk it yet but I’ll definitely look for a new area to level up I’m totally cool with that I just figured the sandstorms were on the entire map

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