When will the Mummy of the Ring be introduced?

This is more of a question than a suggestion.
In the tenth chapter there is a task “Defeat the mummy of the ring”, but this boss is not in the game (can be called only through the admin panel)
Question: When will this character be introduced and when will the armor stands be introduced?

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I was told that it spawns in the undead purge around unnamed city

@Myrzik_72 and @tobi04.

Greetings gentlemen. We have been duscussing this issue very recently in a seperate thread listed below:

Judging by the number of ‘likes’ it has yielded, I feel it is fair to say that a lot of people are starting to ask the same question as you Myrzik_72 and are hoping to see him implemented soon. I myself am in the same boat. Just letting you both know too that I have also asked Funcom if they can provide some estimate as to when we may see him for the Q and A Dev Stream due to take place soon. Honestly I could not say if it will be answered or not, as Funcom may be unwilling to provide a time estimate at this point, but heres hoping. You could also ask yourselves too if you like. They may or may not be more inclined to answer if multiple members are inquiring about it. Just a thought.

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Probably on the next map release. 3-4 years.

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