Wher are the normal blood sausag recepie

Wher is the normal blood sausage recepie ? I dont mean the demonblood sausag this i have but i nead the normal blood sausag for the jhebal sag meal too cook

Mm seams nobody now anything about this i realy want too make the jebal sag meal :sleepy:

In the future, please use the :orange_book: Official Conan Exiles Wiki for ease. :wink:

Here, type in blood sausage in the search bar and help yourself

No, but seriously, see the search bar? Here’s the main page if you want to bookmark it: https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/

Don’t worry about me poking at you, this is only meant to be a helpful comment :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

PS: In case this doesn’t work, search the bug subforums and if you can’t find if there’s a bug,
please post a bug report using the given form.

Ha lol i dot now that they change it too the the campfier

according to
this hasn’t changed since launch.

What should it have been before the campfire?

(From: History > select oldest as 1st and keep latest as 2nd)

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