Where are all the ps4 posts?

Like wow funcome I have never seen the ps4 forum section so vacant?
Where are all the messages? The posts? The communication?

What has happened to the once overflowing forum?

Why are so many posts being reported and blocked or deleted?

When will we get a update?

When will we get any response?

When will we be acknowledged??

And yes im sure this too will be “flagged” or forcibly closed but come on why are you doing this to us?

I have been playing since day 1 on console (and before anyone say anything I will NOT GET A PC)

I have owned and run a server for the majority of the time I stood by through many game breaking glitched and bugs including the constant blue screening, I have followed the forums the entire time and it really saddens me to see it become so baren and the disappointment expressed by dedicated players being silenced/deleted/closed is sad, I understand momone likes to read negative things being said about something they put their heart and soul into but understand these feelings of frustration anger and outrage are coming from. Many of us have poured our time, money ect into it too, those of us who run servers spend so much time coming up with events, discord, group chats, entertaining players creating new and unique builds with the limited resources and yes when we feel our input is being so badly silenced and ignored it upsets us as like human beings we lash out, instead of responding you add fuel to the fire by shutting it down.

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Here]

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.play the game
2.own a server
3.watch everything you do be ignored
4.wish for a response


It does seem like the Ps4 posts have receded some. I think a few people are spending more time paying attention to what is happening on PC. I myself have no intention of playing on PC having played since day one myself all dlcs for my wife and I both. And our own server over 2 years even though we play on official and other private servers. Seems like most ps4 posts are downed servers. Over the last month I noticed quite a few new players probably purchased on sale have some on my server and seen others on official.

I have also seen quite a few posts where people are saying they are going to get flagged or shut out yet they are still there .


I would really like to see an answer from the Exiles team on this. The fact that the last time PS4 has seen an update was August of 2020 is an issue.

I was extremely excited to see that Conan had gotten an expansion when I went to rent my server, only to find out that we haven’t even a seen a parity update for 2.1 let alone anything related to the xpac or new content.

Several friends bought the game to play with us and its hard to even share resources because all the Wiki’s are optimized for the PC updates. I should not be camping the forums and twitter daily for an update or communication from the team.

For me it boils down to this: Do better. Do better or dont put your game on a platform you’re going to neglect.


I am with you on wanting some time frame for the parity patch and Sipath to come out. However I would prefer that they get the bugs out before it’s turned loose on console. Looks like they can fix somethings quickly on PC but not for us. I not defending them just want a game that is really ready for release. At least for us ps4 players it’s playable on the server’s I frequent unlike what happened to Xbox on the last update . May we get answers soon


I totally agree! I would be entirely fine with waiting if there was just communication. The more bugs they an work out, and the more content that can be refined before release makes for a smoother experience. I just often feel like PS4 is neglected and left in the dark!

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This will be closed for different reasons or the community dev will move it as you posted it in bug report ps4 section and this is to go into general discussion thus it will be dealt with if you want to post anything then you need to post it in the correct forum location otherwise it will be removed as it’s literally of topic get the joke there… maybe :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but if you want you can start a new one in this topic on general discussion on top of that on ps4 and Xbox all currently know bugs has been reported so why make any more post as that’s logic and there not much else to do on bug report or related as there nothing to say :man_shrugging:t2:

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Hello @Vampira246, we’re currently working on the parity patch for consoles and while also optimizing the game and its assets to improve its performance for the last console generation (PS4, XBONE), as well as application-level security and stability fixes that will improve conditions for online play.

We’ll be sure to share a date or any relevant news as soon as we have them.


Thank you @Hugo .


Thanks for keeping us posted. I like the sound of this, especially the attention to last gen consoles even though the new ones already came out. Looking forward to the fixes on PS4 and better performance.

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