Ignoring console related questions?

I help run a popular PVEC roleplaying server on Ps4 and I’ve just watched the live dev stream, we politely ask genuine questions regarding the new map, consoles release date and price if we are going to get a pre order discount price like early access have? How this will affect our current servers? How this will split our player? What will happen to consoles? Will it be on ps4 or ps5 exclusively? Will we get any content this year? (Other than the argosians which let’s face it was just a upgraded aquilonian) will the fix the current issues?

These are genuine questions from a genuine server admin and player of the console version since day 1 I even have the day 1 exclusive dlc? I’ve bought every dlc, play the game almost daily and even stuck by you throughout the rubber banding issue, blue screening issues and many many others.
This new map is a big hype even for us but you’ve left us isolated from your pc player who frankly have been rude, (if one more pc player tells me to just get a pc I will scream).

I even create my own ps4 roleplay vids for my server to keep things interesting but we are running out of content theres only so much we can do with the base game, we don’t have the luxury of mods to update and every week I see the community grow smaller and smaller and with the release of games like rust to consle I fear for the few player we do have?

Can you please please just answer our questions we are desperate for content and news thats relevant to us!



I’m in no way justifying how they are communicating, BUT, I do want to point out a few things to try and help.

They have repeatedly stated the issues surrounding console and releasing content. They will not push stuff to console until they feel it’s ready to go through the certification process. Sony and Microsoft control this, and it is not conducive to getting new content pushed through in a frequent fashion like they can do with PC. It sucks, but it’s the way it is. This is why you are not getting any answers about console. Again, not justifying their choice in communication, just explaining the history here (this has been beaten like a dead horse on the forums).

Their announcement also specifically states this is coming to PC. No mention of console. Combine that with my above comment, and again, not justifying the fact that they haven’t answered your question, but just pointing out that the info is there. Console will not get this until it likely comes out of Early Access, or at least until they feel it’s stable and are ready for it to go to certification.

…please don’t shoot the messenger :slight_smile: Cheers!


You keep copying and pasting that across the forums, and then wonder why you’re getting flagged. :man_facepalming:

From whole text you have seen only this combination of words. Have a good pve.


I agree but my problem is they can’t even keep the game we have now on console working an taking forever to fix it when they break


The number one question… Can we play spitah in ps4 in 2021??
If we need to buy ps5, do we need to buy all dlc again.?

Exactly I will not be buying the whole game and dlcs again for ps5 that if I can even afford a ps5 to vegin with

Don’t take this the wrong way, but the reason they aren’t answering console related questions is because they don’t have console related answers.

Console release date and price. They don’t know yet.
Pre Release discount. They don’t know yet.
How will it affect console servers. They don’t know yet.
Will this be on PS4 or PS5. They don’t know yet.
Will you get any content this year. They don’t know yet.

So what exactly do you want them to say right now? Tell you theories and predictions? You know how well that will go. They’ll be held to the fire if they don’t meet those expectation. They literally have no clue how to answer any of your questions right now.

For now, there is no Isle of Siptah for Console. That’s the answer you’re getting. You will likely see a parity patch sometime in the future.

In the meantime. Watch what PC gets, see what happens, and relish in the fact you won’t have to go through the bugs and mishaps we do. Welcome to the world of PC ports to Console. Now you know how we feel when Console ports to PC.

Its very simple guys. Go watch the PlayStation trailer that came out today. Scroll to the end and voila it says coming to PS4 in 2021. Y’all welcom

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I get what your saying i know it’s not coming to console until 2021 my point is the game we have now doesn’t work they broke it 3 weeks ago so y should anyone buy this new map on console just so we can be disappointed again when they break it an take forever to fix it

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Judging from what I read about next Update(which changes PVP settings, healing animations and Temperatures, Console wont see it till early 2021.

So I can see why there not answering questions. PC users will have a huge chunk of time to give feed back on the changes, and patches to come. There long list of things to happen before the “everybody update” even hits consoles and we get Isle of Siptah.

For now, Console users wont get much of anything it seems till 2021.

In 2021 u have the ps5… Do u really think they gonna do one game for ps4??
We will need to buy everything again… And that’s not correct from Funcom…

I don’t gonna buy the same game(even if it have new things) again… 50$…no way… I rather prefer to buy a different game

As I see it you are blaming Funcom for what lies in the hands of Microsoft and Sony!!
The isle of Siptah is an expansion build on the core mechanics of the base game which means that you will need the base game in order to play it.
If Sony and Microsoft don’t make their new consoles backward compatible with games then you need to point fingers at them and not Funcom.
I do not see any reason why The isle of Siptah wouldn’t be able to run on PS4 and Xbox One, it is an expansion map with new dungeons, building kits, armors etc. but it is still the same core mechanics as in base game :slight_smile:


Did they ban people from the forum or flag their posts

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