Where are War Sickles found?

I know they’re a Siptah-only weapon, but is there a specific boss that drops them? Or is it from Legendary Chests/Legendary creatures random drop?

I did some research and couldn’t find anything accurate. GOOGLE YOU ARE INCOMPETENT!!!

Good luck :'[

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I wanna say they dropped from either the wolf boss or ghoul boss in the western ruins


The admin panel.
Just like the Crossbow used to be.

This one jests.
But only barely.

This one has never seen them drop from anything and has not found anyone who has dug them out of the drop rate tables. Also, it dismantles into Eldarium, which is very unusual for weapons one does not craft.
An excellent question.


Ayesh, what are the drop rates on that?
Perhaps this one has blasphemed against RNGesus, but it took near to a hundred spawns of that to finally confirm it.

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Which city?

I’ve been looking around the Ruins of X’chotl and I can’t find any ghoul boss, where is it located?

He’s closer to the front. Big albino guy


So it turns out, the boss that drops the War Sickles is NOT the albino ghoul, but rather an armored skeleton boss!
In-game name is “The Slaughterer”, but his admin ID is Wildlife_Siptah_Skeletonboss_Slayer
He is found above another boss named “The Famished”, which has a different drop pool. He is found right here.


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