Where does the followers go go go gooooooooooooooooooo? Theory Corner

Where does followers go when we run too fast or swim far away? I believe they go to another dimension full of fun things for followers if they were a good follower or hellscape full for horrors for that bad ones that die to stupid things or AI glitches.

I do wonder why we can’t in seriousness have a silhouette of our followers near us as a place holder so the server can simple despawn them till we get to where we are going until the game allows us to have them swim, climb, etc near us ?

I think they can swim but don’t. When I climb mine like to teleport to a ledge above me and then jump off the edge

My horse managed to land on my head and stay there for a few seconds before plummeting into the void below

They go to the Jerry daycare dimension from rick and morty


I picture Hopper from Stranger Things stuck in the tunnels…sept he would have a SoC and legion armor…

I want them to actually bend over with their hands on their knees and wheeze if they cant keep up. Those cimm berserkers are known chain smokers

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