Where is AoC server?

i want 5~15ms (Latency).

if know anyone said me where server i will move there.

Best I’ve ever heard was New Jersey. If you were actually serious, you could probably send a message to someone at Funcom like Andy, and he might let you know what town the data-center is in.

Edit: Ok, I checked the hosting for dm09-nj4.ageofconan.com and it appears to be in the Game-Hosting GH AB Datacenter in Newark, New Jersey.

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I think low 30’s is about the best you can get. Just the stuff on the Funcom side of the backbone is 15 ms or more.

in eu you are fine with ~110 ms

You mean, 160-200ms?

you would have to be on a lan connection to that server to get that kind of ping.

No, it’s possible to get that if you are close. I’m not sure why he’s asking for such low latency though, you won’t see much difference under 40-80 for PvE, and for PvP people will still teleport around due to Funcom’s ■■■■■■ netcode.