Where is Isscar the seelsword when you hire him

Freed Isscar at a purge, hired him at my tavern for 1000g, it says i hired him for 8 hours but he is nowhere to be seen

So he finally appeared in our tavern, when there was only 1 hour left on his contract.
As a side note: Paying 1k Gold coins to summon him to then be able to buy very expensive stuff from him for a limited time is very expensive. HAd I known, he would be still rotting in his cage^^


Some of the guys trying to get to your base will get stuck, walking into external walls and stuff… he might just have been outside somewhere.

Definitely :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

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Well i dont have the funds for what he has right now so he stays in his cage! :joy:

Now that archer in the cage next him - i can use her!

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