Where is the Cobalt?

Hi Exiles!
Before last patch i was find COBALT in different ways
Throug Star Metal, Obsidians nodes, Elite Mobs…
After last Patch?
Please, where i can find now?
is extremly rare now!
Thansk in advice


I am pretty sure that a mod add the ability to find cobalt because it doesn’t exist in vanilla game, you might be better of asking the mod author that added it to the game :slight_smile:

sorry, yes. Cobalt is in Age of Calamitous mod

The latest patch changed which modded tools harvest which resources. Use a pick on

  • obsidian nodes (in the volcano)
  • cobalt nodes (blueish rock that doesn’t make a sound when you hit it in the unnamed city)
  • silver nodes (rare drop)
  • legendary mines

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