Where is the community engagement?

But then people would be mad they read it…and didn’t reply. XD


We can’t be thanked for every Bug Report, or legends like Sir Bowen would have a full inbox. In the day, he turned in 43 consecutive Bug Reports and not a single thank you given. Also not a single crap given. It’s data, it’s anecdote, it’s vapour until someone can repro. My own Bug Reports have about a 90 percent closure rate, meaning I’m off 10 percent of the time. Thank Mitra they don’t waste praise.

If what makes a “better community” is verbal praise from the devs, you’re in the wrong place. The Exiled Lands are harsh, and we’ve already been through so much righteous struggle to get here. We’re barbarians, we accept the ambrosia of the devs’ good works. That’s thanks enough.


People who are unsure of themselves are just as welcome as others in my book. But nowhere else in life can one ask for some sort of compensation for one’s uncertainties.

With experience, if you say worked for a AAA studio as a glitch finder, and day after day your reports are like pennies into a well – only to find the studio has no desire to fix its car-stealing game at all – you come to enjoy the world of the Exile. Here the devs are very open and approachable, to a fault.

What I think you’re saying is “why don’t the devs give feedback” about novel subjects, or important ones. They can’t, and I’m sure you might recall my self-undermining post about 90 percent success rate: it’s because credibility comes from solutions. Not promises. “We’ll look into it,” or “we’re now aware of it,” might actually be harmful to the game as well, as it might expose an actual exploit. Thus in support it’s often best to err on the side of tacit.

I’m attempting to build a foundation for communication. Had I proceeded with all of your questions, we would be in a spaghetti island of trying to understand each other.

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I don’t know, I found it useful. It’s not just you who keeps thinking that Funcom needs to have the same level of customer service as G-portal or any similar company that has subscription-based business model. Now I can bookmark my answer and point other people to it :stuck_out_tongue:

On the contrary, it’s very much worth it. I sincerely apologize to you and to everyone if what I wrote sounds like participating on the forums isn’t worth it, because that wasn’t my intention at all.

These forums can be toxic from time to time, but it’s worth being active here, because in exchange I get the opportunity to help the game improve, to have my ideas heard, to help other players with their problems, and to have fun with some truly great people.

Bug reports are valuable, and they’re even more valuable when done properly. Of course, proper bug reporting is not always easy, but even a vague bug report without a lot of useful info is still better than no bug report at all. Even just saying “such-and-such thing doesn’t work for me” will help raise awareness about something in the game that devs might not know is malfunctioning.

One of the frequent problems with the community is that people will report a bug without including a lot of useful info – sometimes because they don’t know they should, other times because they simply don’t have that info – and then expect it to be magically solved ASAP.

I work as a software developer and that’s why I know that those expectations are simply not realistic. But that doesn’t completely excuse people who get angry about it. It doesn’t take much common sense to realize that you can’t go to the doctor and say “my leg hurts, fix it” and then get angry if it doesn’t get fixed all by itself :wink:

Again, it was not my intention to suggest that. I am sorry if that’s the message you took away from all I wrote, but I also don’t know how to write it better.

We shouldn’t, but none of us can magically fix it. We can just keep talking at each other and hope that the understanding will eventually come.

I have had mixed experiences with this. There were times when I reported a bug and it went completely unacknowledged and it left me salty. Then there were other times when I reported a bug and I was actually thanked for it and they went to work on it. And I’m talking about bug reports with decent amount of useful info here.

To be clear, I don’t need anyone to thank me for reporting a bug. When I report a bug, it’s because I hope they will fix it. If they fix it, that’s the best “thanks” I could get.

And although it’s true they haven’t always seen my bug reports, it’s also true that they have actually improved that aspect, too. I’ve spent enough time on these forums to notice an observable improvement, and it’s important for me to acknowledge it.

If reaching adulthood was enough to make everyone understand each other, then we would be living in a utopia already. Sadly, it’s not. Look at just the two of us: we’re both adults, and yet we’re still having a hard time understanding each other, even when we speak the same language. That’s just being human :man_shrugging:

For example, despite going back and forth with you for a while in this thread, I still don’t understand well enough what it is that you actually want. I’m not criticizing you or attacking you, I’m just saying that communication can be hard :wink:

No sé, yo lo encontré útil. No eres solo tu el que cree que Funcom debería tener el mismo nivel de servicio al cliente que tiene G-portal o cualquier otra empresa cuyo modelo de negocios se basa en suscripciones. Ahora puedo guardar un vínculo a mi respuesta y luego usarlo para mostrársela a otra gente :stuck_out_tongue:

Al contrario, totalmente vale la pena. Te ofrezco mis disculpas sinceras, a ti y a todos los demás, si lo que escribí suena como que participar en estos foros no vale la pena, ya que eso no era para nada mi intención.

Estos foros pueden ser tóxicos de vez en cuando, pero vale la pena participar aqui, porque me da la oportunidad de ayudar a que el juego mejore, de que se escuchen mis ideas, de ayudar a otros jugadores con sus problemas, y de pasar un rato entretenido con alguna gente genial.

Los reportes son valiosos, y aún más cuando se hacen como se debe. Es cierto que hacer un informe adecuado no es siempre fácil, pero aún un informe vago sin mucha información útil es mejor que no reportar nada. Si tan solo dices “tal-y-tal cosa no me funciona”, eso ayuda crear consciencia acerca de alguna falla que los desarroladores tal vez desconozcan.

Uno de los problemas frecuentes en la comunidad es que hay gente que manda un reporte sin incluir suficiente información útil – a veces porque no se les ocurre que deberían, a veces porque simplemente no pueden obtenerla – y de ahí tienen la expectative que el problema se solucione mágicamente lo antes posible.

Yo trabajo como programador, y es por eso que se que esas expectativas simplemente no son realísticas. Pero eso no excusa completamente a la gente que se enoja por aqullo. No se necesita tanto sentido común para darse cuenta que no puedes ir al doctor, decir “me duele mi pierna, arreglalo” y de ahí enojarte si el problema no se soluciona así no mas. :wink:

Reitero que no fue mi intención sugerir eso. Me da pena si eso fue lo que entendiste de lo que escribí, pero no se me ocurre como escribirlo mejor.

No deberíamos, pero ninguno de nosotros lo puede arreglar con una varita mágica. Lo único que podemos hacer es seguir dirigiendo palabras uno al otro y tener esperanza de que en algún momento logremos entendernos.

En cuanto a eso, he tenido una variedad de experiencias diferentes. Me ha pasado que he reportado un bug y ni siquiera me lo han confirmado que lo recibieron y eso me dejó molesto. También me ha pasado que he reportado un bug y me agradecerion por el trabajo que he hecho y se pusieron a solucionarlo. Ojo que estoy hablando de informes con suficiente información útil.

Para que quede claro, yo no necesito que nadie me agradezca por mandar un informe de error. Cuando reporto un error, es porque tengo la esperanza que lo vayan a solucionar. Si lo hacen, es el mejor agradecimiento que me pueden dar.

Y si bien es cierto que no siempre han visto mis informes, también es cierto que de verdad han mejorado en ese aspecto. Me he gastado suficiente tiempo en estos foros para darme cuenta que ha habido una mejor notable, y para mi es importante reconocer eso.

Si fuera suficiente ser adulto para que todos nos entendamos bien, estaríamos ya viviendo en una utopia. Lamentablemente, no es asi. Mira nos a nosotros dos no mas: los dos somos adultos, y aún así nos cuesta entendernos, aunque hablemos el mismo idioma. Así es el ser humano no mas :man_shrugging:

Por ejemplo, aunque hemos intercambiado varios mensajes aqui, a mi todavía no me queda lo suficientemente claro que es lo que quieres en realidad. No te estoy criticando ni atacando, solo digo que la comunicación puede ser muy difícil :wink:

Por mi parte, te pido disculpas si algo de lo que escribí en español tuvo errores o fue poco comprensible, ya que no llevo tanto tiempo hablando español como inglés :slight_smile:


Hey there,

Just a quick dip into this thread again to clear out a point of confusion that might be originating some of the recent arguments:

This forum is not meant to be customer service, nor we, the community team, are customer service representatives. This is a key difference with what other forums are providing, such as our hosting partner G-Portal’s.
It may seem like an insignificant difference, but it seems that it’s what for some this problem boils down to.

As the community team, we take care of collecting feedback, trying to keep the majority of the community informed and on the loop about major events (for instance, the thrall cap) on here and other places of engagement, identifying major pain points for the community and keeping both devs and community informed about it whenever any major breakthrough happens. It is also in our responsibilities to engage with players in ways that can be considered as fun, as mentioned above.

For 1-to-1 problem solving and direct answering to every thread, that is a luxury scenario we can afford only in periods of time where our other responsibilities don’t take the majority of our schedule.

As usual, there’s always ways to keep improving the way we communicate, and we’ve aimed for that since Conan Exiles was a baby. Sometimes we hit, other times we miss. But our aim is to keep improving. However, please you need to understand the key difference explained above and how not taking it into account may lead to some misleading expectations.


Well sure as heck did pay them for their product which made each of us their customers. I am not saying it should be as fast as 30 mins but seen many bug reports go days without one response from a funcom employee.

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TL:DR the community menagent does not repond to us the way we would love to. Not redirecting us. I try all the time to see marks of them, but i have to search hard for these to see marks. In Digital Extremes - for example you can feel that they read things, they redirect you (moderators also do) and are giving us feels of their existance. While (unfortunately) funcom seems to do things above our heads.

I perfectly understand that you have team for that and that other thing, but maybe you should hire just a few poeple to GET THINGS RIGHT (mostly of that players complains in most), listen, answer, at least redirect us ! And confirm that you are working on things. EXPLAIN to us how and why you are doing things, even those of us who would like to contribute their ideas and solutions are limited on possibilites if you do not talk with us.

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I run the dedicated server, and it’s probably not even above your line of interests, but the success of my server is that my and my team we are encouraging poeple to speak and communicate with us so we can fit server on their needs the best (and they donate server maintenance as a reward for us) i can never imagine a situation where players are desperately asking us and we do not respond.

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Some players around these forums behave like they own the company. They would expect to be included in the development team daily meetings if it was possible.
The community is getting way too much attention in my opininon.
If it were up to me I would post the same thank you message every month like they do with Valheim. =))


Id like you to take a look at my man here. He’s usually pretty good about doing it within hours.

Now, I’m not saying he’s the rule - more the exception, but only sith deal in absolutes.

It’s valid to have criticism on a shipped product that’s supposed to be finished. Even to the extent that they’d want to have some reasonable expectation to a timeline - even if it’s not something that can be provided. (Example: if my Internet is down, when can I expect it to come back.)

In the end, the very least some people are seeking is verifiable evidence that their complaints are being addressed.

Again. On a finished product.

Communication. I love it.

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it’s planned with the upcoming monthly subscription fee for the game (someone has to pay for the additional staff) :man_shrugging:

it’s the same with the admins for official servers. never planned and if there should be admins at some point then they will need an appropriate compensation (employees want money for their work, completely incomprehensible, i know…). it’s not like funcom currently earns money with the official servers, quite the opposite

on the one side, i understand the request and can also understand the solution approach (simply hire more people), but on the other side, one should also clearly see and understand the implications. such requests are not expense-neutral and someone has to pay for them. in the worst case, the players. do we really want that? not me


I heard that the authors of GORILLAS.BAS could fix bugs within minutes. :stuck_out_tongue:

To be clear, I ain’t dissing Stardew Valley, but in terms of code complexity, Stardew Valley is to Conan Exiles what Commander Keen is to Unreal Tournament.

Hey, what does Star Wars lore say about people who are overly pedantic? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And that’s reasonable enough. The problem rises when people are not satisfied with this, and start demanding immediate, detailed, personal responses to every minor grievance.

Community Management acts as an intermediary between us and the developers. Once the issue has been reported to the dev team, it’s out of the Community Management’s hands. The best they can do is tell us that “the issue has been reported and forwarded to the developers”. Or, they could ask the developers and bug fixers to write detailed reports of their progress, but that would take time better spent on actually working on the bug fix.

Major issues tend to be listed on Patch Notes as “known issues”, indicating they’re stuff that has been reported and they’re working on finding solutions. Personally replying to everyone who had reported one or more of those known issues is redundant. Minor bugs that don’t break the game or cause serious issues don’t get much attention on the forums. It doesn’t mean the problem, or you, are ignored - just that the CM team needs to prioritize their time between writing personal replies to everyone, and finding and addressing major issues, finding patterns and consistencies in the things we report, and collecting other sorts of useful data to the developers.

The thing we need to understand, on these forums and elsewhere, is that “I am the most important person in my life. I’m not the most important person in everyone’s life.”


So many people these days essentially require acknowledgment and praise to even function. It’s all about the bits, likes, thumbs up, subs, hearts, whatever.

You have to be pretty daft to not see the work and effort being put into this game even to this day. Ignasis or AndyB, as much as they probably would love to, isn’t going to write a personal love letter to you for each bug report or complaint you submit.


I want to pay for it, just shut up, do it right and take my money ! What i really thought about it is the same since couple of moths ago when the first time that idea sparked, that maybe they should rething their financial model.

The good thing about moderators and other community and support guys is that you do not need a qualified and expensive programmer to do it for you. Also i am aware that good C++ programmers - they’re not cheap, yes…

…but let’s go back to what sparked in my mind: Funcom financial model - if game is as good as i desire i am totally ready to pay a little fee for playing it. If they used auto-refreshed subscribtion model like netfilx or tacticool do they would get all of their financing that is necessary, or maybe even get rich. It is to implement for Conan Exiles 1 due to player feeling hurt that they will have to pay monthly for something that they paid for allready. (BUT not impossible if implemented wisely (!!!) )

So the second idea that came into my mind is that MAYBE, MAYBE they should make investments and start working on conan exiles 2 that would be more like world of warcraft - when it comes to model of financing. If i would have to pay a little monthy fee for playing conan exiles 2 and it would be so well tweaked as Blizzard-Activision (i hate this company but not for the financial model and being bugfree) productions and greatly tuned with all the changes that players desire and new things i would absolutely pay for it. Subscribtion financing model is something that you are almost impossible to fail on. It’m pretty convinced that only companies who were absolutely indolent failed with it. Fucom is more engaged than that <3

I am aware of what you said, and this is why i believe that they should focus now on fixes and tweaking dedicated server tools and making Conan Exiles as convenient as it can be to be and meanwhile slowly extinguishing the number of official servers so that dedicated servers can take their role as multiplayer providers and start new game project that is Conan Exiles 2 with new financing models and tweaks on difficulty for multiplayer. I gotta say from my experience as admin that you have struggle alot with task, auto-updates, RCON, some settings that are obsolete and forgotten by funcom (not even mods tweaking), and settings in general, when you need a mods to tweak thing because you cannot work with it in the original game. There are also alot more official servers than necessary IMO.

Admin can fizzle out just by working with vanilla :wink: There are countless number of people willing to run servers: more than you or funcom could EVER EVEN IMAGINE if they will be provided with proper tools to do so. That IMO is the right way to go. More than 90% of admins fizzle out because of administrating their dedicating server is rather uneasy thing. Mods can get bugged and unstable and literally 100% of admins (I’M ABSOLUTETLY sure about it) would like to replace those mods with original tools that funcom would provide. :slight_smile:

All of these are management issues IMO to make things easy to implement, good for dedicated servers needs and profitable.

Everything what i said is absolutely Possible. :slight_smile:

Just shut up and let me pay for playing the coolest official servers that i can imagine funcom. JUST TAKE IT. (yes, i run my own dedicated server that is crowdfunded but you know what i mean, right ? :slight_smile: )

Comunication with players is highly important as players worldwide spread can give you solutions to LITERALLY EVERYTHING, it’s like having an extra hundreds of staff members in your team.


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Long story short: maybe funcom should:

  1. give us a 4 months free access to official servers with the game we buy
  2. tweak game difficulty for multiplayer
  3. grant way more tools and sliders for admins (even point 2 may be unnecessary if admins are granted with very good tools)
  4. Win-Win situation

But well, none of the funcom staff ever asked us if we have solutions for their issues.

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Funcom CSR has usually responded to my bug issues promptly by stating they are aware of the issue or its forwarded to the dev team. (not exact words since too lazy to research it). That is all I needed to know. Granted, I would love to know the status of one issue but I am sure it was a very low priority item so its probably not being looked at the moment.

Not sure I wrote this here or another game. My suggestion is to have a bug list and stated status. It does not have to be very detailed either. This way, some will not need to report the same issue since its already listed in platform bug list.

For example (fake bug list and results):

Falling through the world - fixed (Patch …)
Sandstorm visual bug - being looked at, unresolved
Thralls at 0,0,0 - fixed (patch …)
Undermesh exploits - First step completed, added anti-undermesh system for Exiled Lands (Patch …)
Second step, tweaking system to cover missed areas - work in progress (Path …)