The Purpose of the Forums and Forum Staff


I had a bit of a meltdown on the forum a year ago, when I became very frustrated about what I perceived as the lack of engagement and communication from Staff regarding various issues that were being reported by the Playerbase.

I ultimately gained a better perspective of the purpose of the Forums, and respect for the Forum Staff in the forum discussion that followed.

I thought it would be helpful to share some of the more impactful statements here in order to give users of this forum a more helpful perspective on what the Forums, and its Staff expectations are.

For those that are having issues and want to contact the Customer Service aspect of the Company should refer to this link, which also includes the general guidelines for conduct on Official Servers

Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

The folks (Staff) here try hard to deal with us (Forum users) in a positive way, which is not always easy.

If we take a little time to inform ourselves, I think it could help to manage our expectations, and ultimately help us to be less frustrated about things we need help with.

Have a great day all.


Exactly!!! Well done @Rollotomozi, well done, thank you for this :grin:. One thing we may have to add here is that our personal differences is better to be solved in private messages. I ain’t saying that I am better, but most of the threads that provide feedback have over 60% unnecessary posts between users offending each other! The cause of this action is multiple times abuse of the flag system or over use, with result the closing of this thread. We can disagree without taking it further.
My best line in here is from @Ignasi, “agree even when you disagree”. We all have to do efforts to keep it civil and have adult conversations.
Again. I AM NO BETTER THAN ANYONE HERE, I do these mistakes too but I try hard not to make them anymore, I try…
The @Community rocks, they are the BEST!!!
Last but not least, please fellow exiles, give the proper respect to some members here, even if their answer seems a bit stiff don’t take it personal, some questions are keep repeating literally for years now and they may explained the same thing over a hundred times, so they are full of it, not with you however. So please give the proper respect to some members here, they earn the respect of both community and players years now and they are still working hard for us. Thank you for reading.


They are reading the feedback. They’ve finally pinned the ToC in the forums which me and others have been asking for. Bravo, this means players and especially new ones won’t have to dig.

Next step I think is also including it in the launcher or a message in game. They did have the MoTD directing to the ToC for quite awhile when it was first introduced. I understand that it is a limited area and new information needs to be announced from time to time.


I just assumed the forums were here so I could complain about my son wrecking my base and reminisce about all the stupid things I’ve done in-game that my wife calls me out on.


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Wait…what? I’m just confused now. So you are saying they aren’t there to specifically implement my ideas and do my bidding?..huh…I think you got this all wrong.


No, no, you’re right. That’s how you can see that they’re “lazy” and “greedy” and “incompetent” :wink:


Finally someone that understands and sees my vision. You wanna management position?


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