Where is the Guild Hall?

So I see they scratched the whole section from the old forums… Well, not that it looked very active or anything. I came back after 7-8 years and was wondering what old guilds or remnants there of are still around. Playing on the Saga server is more of a refresh course, but I think I might stick around once it goes to crom. So any oldies still around?

Guess it depends upon when you last played and if you played on the USA servers or European servers.
A number of guilds from the permanent servers have named their Saga guilds with the same name as their Crom / Fury guilds if this help. (Crom and Fury are the two permanent servers, PvE and PvP respectively).
A few guilds however have joined forces for the Saga server whilst maintaining their permanent server guilds as separate (but friendly) entities.
So if you haven’t already, head to interface settings and show player vicinity player details to see the various guild tags.
In a post in the Saga server section of this forums regarding guilds, I put a link back to the guild hall on the recently archived forums.

Hey thx for the reply. You are right, I should have mentioned a few things… I played on the EU servers, pretty much from launch till around august 2011, when I guess a lot of people left the game. Most of my guild did anyways, which is why I left as well… Ah, off the top of my head, some of the raiding guilds were EzO CoE, Destiny, Tainted, BoB, unforgiven… I heard my old guild rebranded into The Fail Bunch. bah, can’t recall all of them. lots of good raiding guilds…

Destiny is still raiding as Destiny on Crom.
The Fail Bunch was around for a long time, bringing us youtube raid & group videos to marvel at, but eventually stopped. People dispersed into various guilds, but occasionally I see that tag on someone on Crom.
CoE and Tainted Souls last year stopped raiding as their own guild identities and some/many from those guilds joined forces in a new guild called Ivory Tower.

I see. Thank you for the short history update. Much appreciated. Awww, getting a bit nostalgic, I must admit… :slight_smile:

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