Where is The Jawbone for Silver ore

On the wiki it says

Silver Ore can be found at The Jawbone Where a Silver Mine in under Construction, several nodes are scattered around this area and can be harvested with a Pick.

But I cannot find this location, i’ve looked at maps and searched around on google, I cant find it. Does anyone know where it is?


I found it. If you open up your map and look to the south west, where the relic hunters city are located. Just past the south lake slave market, keep heading a bit east past some rhinos and you should come upon it. Also the “Jawbone” looking rock formation is between there and the reddish area (The Unamed city/dead city). However the mine or silverrock nodes are on the Relic hunters side of it in the bend. I hope that helps a bit. I m not the best at giving directions. But if you look up a map you should find the cities i am talking about as landmarks. P.s there are only a few ore nodes to be found and there are also a bunch of scorpions to annoy you while trying to farm them. Dont forget to take a quick look above on the ledges as I found one more node.

I wanted to add that they don’t respawn as quickly as your rocks, coal and iron. If someone has harvested them recently, you might have to wait a while for a fresh spawn.