Where is the tallest tree in the upper part of the jungle?

Hello Guys

I want to build my first time on a tree. So my question is where is the tallest tree in the upper part of the jungle? Can u give me location pls?

I have also tried searching for such a tree.

Something to be mindful of when building a tree base in the jungle, a lot of the nice ones are actually connected, if you follow there branches they actually often end up close enough to another branch to allow a player to jump and in some cases simply walk across to the branch of another tree. So when you find one if it is near other trees and their canopies appear to be touching, do a little reconnaissance and see if their are connecting branches that players can jump to, if there are then it will be wise to set up some kind of anti climb in those areas so players cant just jump from branch to branch and end up avoiding your anti climb defense around your tree.

It does seem that the whole area has been intentionally designed so there is no perfect tree for defense. Either it will have a hill next to it that people can jump across from, or low branches players can use as resting points while climbing or like previously described they are connected to other trees via their top canopy branches. So you might have to end up making a compromise and rather then searching for the perfect tree, rather find one that has the least disadvantages or rather has disadvantages you can actually compensate for.

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Nobody knows?

@Dejo707 I can’t tell you where
Would recommend going into your offline game and flying around. there are some trees on hills that have a great view also some trees don’t have limbs on top witch may help.

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