Where’s the tallest waterfall?

Really wanted to build a base around a huge waterfall but after a couple hours of walking along the rivers I couldn’t find any that were really tall. Just wandering if there’s any hidden that I’m not seeing.

Probably north savanah area, north west of black galleon (the black hand rock ship) theres a long cave there with the white tiger spawn

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I’ll take a look. Thanks

Np, if u find the galleon, go round the bottom, head north, hit the desert n go west up on the shelf. Take u right there

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Look at the Northern Aqueducts

Here is a pic of what others have said. The tops are kind of tough to build on but can be done. There are Sentinel statues carved from the stone and one has fallen in the river.

I found what you guys are talking about. I was hoping for a more traditional looking waterfall. I think they’re all about the same height though. Thanks for all the ideas though :+1:

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