Which class precise gems are best for?

i suppose ranger assassin or the fierce(150cr/33magic dmg) are always best for dps?
in what cases and classes the chaos precise gems with +27 crit are good for?
or are they useless? cause at trader they are being sold always at low price (also the warding with armor i suppose just for tanks who tanks)

Blue chaos gems are generally useless learn the dungeon it’s the most farmed one in aoc to get the better ones think the legendary crib gem is +60 …super for dps DT with black pharaoh blessing …VOM cries :drooling_face:

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I’d say Precise is best for

  • Conq
  • Guard
  • DT
  • Ranger
  • Barb
  • Sin

Both fierce and precise is good for all healers, so choose whatever you want there. I’d say maybe go precise on BS and fierce on ToS/PoM
I’d definatly go fierce on all mages.

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i’d go fierce on ranger as well, precise will not improve dots damages that are a noticeable part of their damages (and that never crit).

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I often hear the crit gem is also good for PoM since the spells don’t scale as well as others (like ToS or so) with magic damage. But I have no idea if this is true.
Though the blue gems are not really great, some of the blessings from the epic or legendsry gems are really great, Emandua for healers or Silver Twilight for PoM are really awesome for example.

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Yes but the white hit crits are pretty massive. Also Shattering atk 14k crit on zelandra is pretty crazy. Combat Rating is just meeeeh too.
@Force I’ve been told too that precise is good on PoM/ToS instead of fierce, but I think the difference in any of them is very minor in that case. But oh well, I’d say for PoM/ToS just farm for correct blessings and settle with either fierce/precise depending what you get first.
Also yes I didn’t include any of the blessings because he specifically asked for fierce/precise.

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Yeah I just go for one precise and one fierce gem (mostly because I was just lucky to get them that way), the fierce also has 240 heal rating on it which is also a very nice thing to have since it’s basically like having one additional small heal rating armor piece for free.


Thank you all! :slight_smile:

As barbarian (but in general) i prefer Precise on DPS ring (60+40 = 100 critical, I love the round numbers) on one ring with already a lot of DPS.
While i prefere Fiercy on Prot/Armor ring so i dont lose totally to 0 DPS on ring when i switch It for PvP or prot PvE fight.
Learn Chaos for legendary gem. Blue one is just trash.

There isn’t any +60crit gem in chaos

In case i want to remove it how i do that?

EDIT: I apologize I got the wrong topic answer. You must use a potion that alchemists can craft (Tainted Alkahest) the gem will be removed but also destroyed, so you lose it

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You need to buy Tainted Alkahest from trader (it’s a potion). Unequip your ring, in equipment shift + left click on your ring and then shift + right click on a gem to remove it with tainted alkahest.
I think it goes like that, cant verify since I am writing from work.

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My mistake what is the legendary one ? +47 ?

Is +40.
60 on ring +40 on gem = +100 critical rating

Ahh I knew I got 60 from somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

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