Which server is more populated? Fury or Crom?

Which server is more populated?


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Fury is mainly PvP oriented, but also the least populated Server.

Whilst Crom is mainly PvE, although it has the most active playerbase.

Populated is not best word for this…

It is not as if it would magically change everything, but most people do not play AoC via Steam.


You can multiply steam players by a factor of at least 5 or 6 as the game was in serious decline at the time of the Khitai expansion and steam sales were abysmal, to say the least. So basically most players playing this game today owned the game before it was released on steam.

What a lame question

In fact, the question is just weird. I don’t really understand him.

This is probably a new user that saw the TheLazyPeon review from a few days ago and wants to try the game. Not sure why the question is confusing to you.

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