2 suggestion about AOC Client and servers


When someone install the AOC client and create your first character the system give you 2 options of servers: Crom and Fury. But nowhere tells you that Crom is a PVE server and fury a PVP server, only that both server have “mid load”. I finish in the crom server because I thought “Crom sounds cool than Fury.” :P. Maybe could be a good sugestion put some kind of advice that for what is each server in the character creation. I came to AOC for the PVP but I use all my time leveling up my character in the crom server, but then I knew that almost there aren’t pvp on crom. Lucky me because recently the admins leave the bordelines zones for permanent pvp, that is enough for me. Why don’t I just simply level up my chatacter in fury server?. Because I have few time to play and got a strange case of “Tortagephobia”. I will do it, but I need more time to assume that I have to do all the tortage thing again. Why not to sell lvl 20 characters too in the in game store like you sell lvl 80?.

And that is,


Hm… for me it clearly says what kind of server I am choosing.

I wish I could include a screenshot but I can take one from the login screen so I have to post a picture from my phone:

Are you using a custom UI that maybe changes what is displayed in the character screen (if that is even possible)?

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Ok, seems to be that I just didn’t see it :sweat_smile: , sorry for that… Still I believe that could be a good idea to sell lvl 20 characters.

You can also use the Print Screen button on your keyboard. That puts a screenshot in your clipboard, which you can then paste into Paint and save as a regular image.

Yeah I just checked mine. I’m using a Stock UI and mine clearly shows; Crom: PvE - medium load and Fury: PvP - medium load.

So the information is already there. If you use a custom UI alot of items like the click here buttons for the Saga servers doesn’t show up.

Tortage is probably the best part of the game, but I get it, if you’ve just done it you won’t want to do it again until some time has pasted.

Thing is you can leave Tortage at level 16. There’s a poster on the back of a building across from the red rez pad on the way to the White Sands Island boat. Just click on it and follow the quest if you want out of Tortage early.

The Borderlands are a permanent Pvp zone on Crom year around. The last Wed of each month for a week there’s a special Pvp event in them is what you’re seeing. Same as the first Wed for a week World Boss each month.

There’s also a Pvp arena in the Field of the Dead for year around fights if you want.

Lastly if you wanted to you can purchase a server change and move your current character from Crom to Fury.

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Thanks for your tips to leave tortage early, i thought that always you have to get lvl 20 and kill strom (that would not be easy being lvl 16). And for the info about the pvp events.

I tried that too but for some reason it only pasted a black screen into paint.

Also the “Medium Load” is VERY misleading (for both servers). Maybe Crom still fits in medium category, but definitely not Fury.

I have the feeling that this load status isn’t actually real and just a word that was put there. I have never seen any of these change, all servers always had “Medium” for me, even back in 2009.

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I think at launch they had some meaning.

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Why sell lvl 20 characters? If you run 100% xp and only do the night quests in Tortage you’ll be out of there in around 1 hour to 1,5 hours. You can leave Tortage at 16 with the smuggler and you can do the last night quest at 19. Buy new armor at 20 and you’ll be good.

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it is correct instead, also for Fury. That counter calculates the characters in the server’s DB, not the active ones but the existing ones. Since Funcom does not clean the DB (and free nickname) since 1969 :rofl: … that value is medium