Which settings can reduce CPU load?

Hey guys,

I wonder which graphics settings I can lower to reduce the CPU load, as that’s a bottleneck in my current configuration. GPU is no problem, I just need lower CPU stress, because FPS drop when I’m gaming + streaming.

And I know…buy a better CPU…I will, but need a workaround until then…

Thanks! :smiley:

All graphics settings.
set everything to medium and see how it runs

Yeah, but aren’t there some that are more on GPU and some that are more on CPU?

All the options in-game effect GPU

I thought that view distance might have been the biggest draw on CPU. However, I found this little article online that breaks down different settings and the draw on both your CPU and GPU.


Seems that “post processing” might be one of the bigger draws on CPU.


Thanks a lot, I’ll try to adjust some settings according to that! :slight_smile:

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