Who Guessed the Correct Price?

I bought mine at Midnight last night (lol). It cost me $48 AUD (Australian dollars). I guessed $38 dollars, close but no cigar haha!!

Did anyone guess correctly?

Let us know if you’re a marketing genius!

Also, on my PlayStation Store it has $98 crossed out…was it really going to be that price??

Are you speaking of the Siptah dlc?? Cause if you are it was only 29.95 in Australia.

Was it???

Lol I’ll have to check. I swear it said $48…but come to think of it…it was midnight and I was stumbling out of bed haha!!

Did it say $98 dollars also? Crossed out? Or am I dreaming now…?

Oh my god…


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Yeah just checked my online receipt and it was 29.95 lols :joy: I don’t know what you bought my friend but it may not have been what you thought.

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