Who has this deathly fear of coding? EDIT: Correction for clarification. To the Developers

It certainly does. It’s complicated and tricky work and you have my respect for having done it.

Yeah, I assumed you didn’t have any experience and I shouldn’t have done that. For that, I apologize.

I still stand by my opinion that questioning the reputation and implying amateurism based on a too-literal interpretation of a rumor is a crappy thing to do :man_shrugging:

Is it? Because it looked like you were talking to the devs about something someone else said about them somewhere else. The only way I can reconcile that with your claim that you’re asking that someone else to provide that source is to conclude that this someone else is one of the devs.

Out of curiosity, who is this “someone else”? In other words, what’s your source?


When you provide the solution to your own post. Nice.

‘As to whoever is afraid of coding. That’s between them and their supervisor.’ A good point. A good argument for why this post shouldn’t exist since that is really the solution to your comment.

In any event, I’m off to start a thread about the state of Codemage’s posterior. I heard an unconfirmed rumor about it, but rather than simply asking for information, like saying ‘I heard this, is it true?’, I shall create a post with vague pronouns and a slightly aggressive tone, saying ‘I heard this, and was unable to confirm it, but man, that’s gross and you should really be ashamed of yourself.’ Should he or anyone else take issue, I’ll simply say ‘Just asking for confirmation, bro.’


I’m afraid this thread has gone too silly.

As a professional linguist I felt I had to provide an example of how “I’m afraid” works as an idiom that has nothing to do with fear. It’s entirely possible that whoever started this rumor (about coding, not about CodeMages’ posterior, since that source can be confirmed) saw or heard a game developer saying something akin to “I’m afraid we won’t be making any water-based features in the future” but, perhaps because they were a non-native English speaker, misinterpreted the idiom as meaning the developer was afraid of something.

These things happen. Figures of speech can be hard to understand if you don’t know what they mean.

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According to “hearsay” from a live stream, the word “hate” was used in describing an apparent dislike of coding anything to do with water combat.
Hating something does not imply a deathly fear (or phobia for that matter) and it doesn’t mean the work of coding cannot be done.
It may be intimidating, but it’s not to be feared.

Apparently, the source of the “deathly fear of coding” message is grossly exaggerating.
It’s people like that who I want to disable their ability to type or speak.

I am more concerned about @CodeMage and his presumed condition :smirk: . Good times to everyone .

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