Who is the richest player?

So I am sitting on a decent pile of mof (2.2mil) but knowing that there definitly are a couple guys out there with more I was wondering who may be the richest guys in SWL mofwise.
So who here has over 1 million (in cash…in items is meh) and how much do you have?

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I feel like this is a “please hack my account” thread.


What? Hackers are going around?
What can I say to that…
Oh yeah. Bring it. Waste your time cracking steam or the game for mof totalling to maybe 50 bucks. I probably would be more amazed how bored some people must be than really shocked on the offchance something happened.

@AndyB could probably ask the DBA to pull the x richest characters’ (without naming names, because privacy) or accounts’ MoF worth like he did with time /played…

Probably a dozen other interesting statistics as well.

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Time played would be really interesting

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I get the impression from that one guy rigging the market that there are accounts with 100k+ aurums on them. Speculating does wonders (while sucking the economy dry… but whatever)

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I have been close to 2 mill a few times before my compulsive shopping took over and I spent them all, but I have the feeling that 2 mills is not even close to the max out there.
I am pretty sure there are 2 digits millions MoF accounts but would not be surprised if there were 3 digits ones.

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Yeah…I am pretty certain that some 2 digit accounts exist…but I wonder how high they go. I mean even if you buy aurum that is a fortune.

some chinese dude with shared account

I’m a little over 1m MoF (well, unless that Aurum buy order at 100 went through overnight, which I rather doubt), and I can’t say I was trying all that hard. (I did luck out on Intricate Fierce’s early, which accounts for, hmm, a third or so of it.)

I’m not so sure anyone would actually be holding 10s of millions MoF, though. The real tycoons are probably hoarding Aurum over MoF, given the market is showing no real signs of stabilizing.

I generally convert it into aurum and blow it on agents/cosmetics when it gets close to 2 mil.

Several people in my cabal are in the 10s of millions of MoF. I’d be surprised if there weren’t a few people around here in the 100s. I’m personally at 1.5 million now. I’m not actively doing anything to earn it, but I seem to constantly have a positive MoF flow. I was at 800k this time last month after buying a few pricey items. I don’t have much need to convert to aurum at this point. All I’d blow it on are extra cache keys.

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There are many people.