Who said that Accuracy sucks?

Yesterday for fun me and some friends started to play different builds for PvP , the one that builded accuracy made our lives extremely difficult ,the only chance we had against him was the shield , still now in pc you loose stamina with shield , so I believe it is about time for accuracy build to saw it’s sharp teeth against the PvP world , @Wak4863 and @SirDaveWolf it is about time to test it , you will go nuts with the damage you get either horse PvP will cry against it . Try it guys you’ll go nuts :wink: .


The PvP aspect makes it not really my style of video so I’ll divert to @SirDaveWolf on this one if he wants to make a guide or video about it. :wink:


I am really sure in the past firespark 81 made videos how to win bosses with Accuracy , still these videos are way old , a lot of things changed since then . These days i’ ll focus Accuracy on my pve servers and venom daggers ofcurce , I really hope it will have an excellent outcome in pve too , the only thing that frightens me are the skeleton bosses , still it needs job and research and I’ll do it m8 , count on it :wink: .

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I will wait until 2.4 goes live. There will be some important changes for PvP in this patch.


Archery in PVE has been strong for a while. Anything that can be crippled is damn near trivialized

PVP has been touch and go. I’ve always said to have at least one archer in any group of people fighting others. But in those conditions, you don’t need a dedicated archer build to get the effect you need from it.

1 on 1 the archer has always been at a disadvantage. Except for that short period of time where it was OP. But in 2.4 there is some pretty crazy changes across the board. And I can’t really say how well it will do.

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@Taemien , You know I am a console player , so I don’t really know exactly how much back we really are , still … The whole idea of this gathering with my friends was to convince them that the best PvP weapons are the venom infused , the most important religion for PvP is set and what silken wraps do in this game . So I let them build full strength , I didn’t , the one took the Yogs touch and the other the Mordlun . I just had venom infused axe and daggers . The outcome of the fight was the expected one since bleeding and poisoning can be a real pain in the a… Then I let them charge with the horses ,but again poisoning on the horse was very cruel . Then for fun I asked to one of them to build full accuracy , dude with holobone arrows he crashed me before I even go close to him , his full charge attacks were pushing me back and the head shot was reducing me about 40% of my health , imagine that I was wearing godbreaker helmet and boots , the rest flawless hyborian and 2 perks on vitality , still the damage outcome was massive . Ofcurce the great weakness of the bow is shield but on pc I read that you loose stamina now holding the shield so I believe that Archery now on pc must be very good since mouse is way better than controller when you try to aim . That’s why I am begging pc players to try it , this late game build must be the best finally .

The same advantages in combat that a archer gets, the melee gets too when using a mouse and keyboard. The ability to make micro adjustments inbetween strikes and aim exactly where our dodge is going to go is invaluable.

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The damage from bows and arrows is broken. and with the new patch we will see if they are more or less broken.

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@Alaion ,I cannot say what is broken or not . I remember before some time we had a bug in consoles that some arrows had 100% armor penetration , well this was broken I believe , now the pen and DMG are ok but the last perk of archery is really good and it worth the full build . All this time I believed that Archery didn’t worth it , now I believe that it does . Still ,we the console players are behind and I don’t really know if the base of this conversation is accurate . If you play pc please try it thank you .

I did because I dont like archery in any game… not based on effectiveness, just because I dont like it the way I dont like driving games… but to each their own.

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PC or console, Bow has a place, and can be very powerful, it has a few strong counters to it, but you can legit 2-3shot someone. ofc you need god gear for that, but it is possible. as for Raid combat gear, it can 5-7 hits to take a player. and if you can handle yourself even in close combat you can win fights. i teach people all the time how to execute correct actions.

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