Why am I allowed to place bombs 10m away and run and double jump whilst at it?

It does not make sense…

Like none at all.

People complain that raiding is too easy. This is the reason.

No one builds ground bases, because you can simply run and spam bombs.

Also last stand perk makes you immune to bombs.


Bombs? Grenades!
“Fire in the hole! Find cover!”

“People” complain about being able to place bombs 10m away too :man_shrugging:
“People” also complain that bow damage is too high…
“People” also complain that the bazaar has P2W items…
I think people just complain no matter what :man_shrugging:


A broken clock is right twice a day.

That being said, explosive jars are very poorly balanced.


Or because there is reasons to complain because of the examples you just wrote. Except I dont see a problem with bomb placing 10 meters away, been like that since start and havent been a problem.

Reason why it’s easy to bomb now is mostly because you have perks that almost makes you unkillable if you do it correct. Last stand is a good example for it mixed with double jump + mad berserker.

This, right here, is what @Xevyr is talking about. Everyone complains about something because “there are reasons to complain”, and everyone has their own reasons to think that what they aren’t complaining about is okay.

And if @Xevyr’s point still isn’t coming across, here’s the bottom line: unless the complaint comes with something more substantial, like for example an idea on how to improve the situation other than an implied request to “NERF EVERYTHING I DISLIKE”, then it’s just as easy to dismiss it as it was to write it down.

I think it needs to be fixed so that bombs can’t be placed further than the player’s reach.


Ofc? There could still be reasons for complains tho. Differense is that many dont think through their complains and really understands the problem. If something worked before, and became a problem now there’s pretty obvious the problem isnt an old mechanic/feature, it’s most of the time a new one that makes the old one not working good together. Same is with PVE stuff. But most of the time it’s the PVP nerfs that get’s attention from the posters on the forums.

Raiding in Conan has always been complicated, bombs doing to much dmg or to little, difference now is tho that the bombs working in a different way, than before 3.0. And im pretty sure they still not work as intended because of some obvious issues with them.

But the possibility to place them from distance is not one of them. Example of one of the issues, they not ignite every time placed in fire. All that + new perks that allowes you to pretty much be unkillable.

Another reason why it became easier to raid people now is that they removed the way to remove the fire from the jars with gas arrow. That’s a main thing. And also that the fire dmg stack.

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I know I have. You can get a rotation of bomb making where it’s just rapid fire of explosions. I totally agree that arms length ie the correct way and does nothing to destroy anything from the PvE side of things. It stops spamming explosives since you would die if you tried.

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I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anyone else complain about that particular issue. You do realize that without the ability to place explosive jars on the distance raiding will die, right? The last thing I want in PvP is to be forced to exclusively use explosive/gas arrows most of the time while raiding. I hate them

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Once we had a conversation about the advantages of Nemedian gate. I send a private message to @SirDaveWolf explaining him how you could place bombs in the edges of this gate. Of course he explained me that the issue was deeper because some people were using building advantage of some particular caves that was impossible to use these edges for bombing the gate.
There will always be a dead end, people will always find them and use them as advantages to win.
For me, as long as it is creativity and not exploit or cheat i am ok.
@Kilix, i was not ok that people could see through stones in your base :confused:. Pvp is an extremely creative mode no matter if the fun is destruction :man_shrugging:. Mase issues must be focus to fix before bombing distance if you ask me.
A lot people would like this bombing distance others won’t.
So my suggestion here is a tool in the admin panel that defines the bombing distance available.
For official servers is “this”, if you wish different, rent a server, fix your parameters and throw away the key!
Admins need more tools!


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I doubt that. The explosion calls them because it’s about the fire and explosion and damage. I doubt very much that this will stop the bombs. In fact it may bring some of that magic back because there is a risk to you placing them.


At least the last bomb dupe was fixed. We defended a cave base for 3 weeks of none stop naked bombing. Talk about a good time

No thanks

In return a buff to the explosive damage could be applied. So it’s more risk/reward.

Orbs would be a slower but safer option. Same with arrows. I could see a balance pattern:

bombs: low range, high damage
orbs: medium range, medium damage
explo/gas arrows: long range, low damage

But yet again, it’s Funcom who decides.


Because I am certain FC Dev staff have oodles of time to read all suggestions, my suggestion is:

That firejars be made way more volatile. In the very best conditions, explosives are very, very, very unstable. The slightest mess-up and big-badda-boom. Even working with the most minor, pre-made firework bangs have a definite level of ‘where is my finger? It was there a moment ago’.

The building of them should have an increasing percetnage of accidental disintegration. Dropping many all together rapidly should have a very real chance of saying Hi to Yog.

I know this will be a huge disappointment to raiding, but it certainly would mirror the risks of leaping off random cliffs, wearing armour that looks good vs is good, and kicking a mammoth in the rear.

Won’t do anything because raw materials have a way lower weight than premade so usually pvp players craft bombs during raids and instantly place them down. So even if someone will combust their clan members will pick it up and continue.
It will do nothing but cripple already high-risk solo player raids.

Looks Good vs Good armor is long forgotten problem after the implementation of transmog system.

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