Why are official servers down?

i havent been able to play any servers because there all on my invalid list. im fully up to date but i just cant play online

Is it possible that you are banned from the official servers? Can you still play on private and singleplayers?

i shouldnt be banned. ive only started to play maybe two weeks ago with a friend. i can single player but thats all. the only online options i have are the conan test servers

Can you log into any private servers? Is there a message popup when you try to log into an official, if so what does it say?

Is it possible you tried to log in while server reset is happening? Try again later in about half an hour?

no the private servers are locked and i need a password

ive been trying to log in since the update happened and i havent had any luck so far

Not all private servers are locked, some are open you just have to look for them.

Is there a message popup when you try to log into the official servers. If there is a popup what does it say?

i have 5 servers online when i look for them. 2 have 9999 ping and the others are locked test servers

Oh ok. That sounds like a glitch perhaps. When you click on a server number, does it begin to load and suddenly stop? If that is happening then you are suspended from gameplay for some reason. FYI

yes actually but it happens with the servers with 9999 ping. all the others are locked

my buddy is also having the same issue though. except he can only see the test servers

Is it possible you actually downloaded the Testlive client and played on that with your friend?
That is a separate beta installation of the game for testing… the update has been released so obviously they took the test servers down as they have no purpose anymore.

In Steam for example:

The one on top is the actual game, if you have the one on the bottom, that’s no good :slight_smile:

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i probably should have stated im using the xbox gamepass to play it. im almost positive im on the right one. im just gonna try to uninstall and reinstall and hope for the best

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Ahh…that ping is an internet connection issue. You might be experiencing internet traffic problems. Internet connection is affected by “peaks and valleys”, how good a connection is depending on how many people in local area are on the same channel. How many people using your internet right now? How many devices? Try switching internet channel on your router to get a better download rate. Most default channels on internet routers are heavily populated. But you can select a channel with no traffic on it and you can get amazing connections and speeds. Check google for advice here. Search for “switching internet channels”. Hope that helps.

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Yea, that changes things :smiley:

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You’re most likely running outdated. Gamepass for pc is notorious for withholding updates. Last I heard microsoft was slowly pushing it out to a handful of people at a time

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i just updated it a few days ago. i assume thats not it but i could be wrong

Days? The update only came out yesterday.