Why are we still being spawn killed by skeletons at unnamed city oblisk, it’s total BS

Seriously address this, it’s as simple as moving the skeletons away from the oblisk, being spawn killed or loading screen killed is the cheesiest piece of garbage ever

Yes, this and the stupid Panthers at the jungle ob

Same on PvP servers. Players can just kill you. Never happened to me though, but it’s just stupid.

There should be invulnerability until you leave the loading screen and after for like 5 seconds. But Funcom is too busy implementing some useless Friendsystem into Conan rather than improving the game itself.

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The problem is: Loading times are too long when you use a hdd. If you install the game on a SSD, you will never have a problem with spawn killing.
It is more a hardware thing than anything else…

I for one feel it is survival. The map room trivialize 90% of any regional type gameplay. So having to avoid the three main ones that have a chance to die at is not too hard.
Unnamed City—If you want to inusre not dying to Skeletons, Brimstone is < 2 minutes from there.
South Jungle—North Jungle is about 3 minutes from there.
Bridge of the Betrayer—Summoning place is only 2 minutes from highlands., as well as Norht Jungle then cut thru the passage way.

So in reality, as it does suck to die while loading, adding in a loading safe zone mechanic seems like just extra work to appease 3-4 minutes of extra travel.
Coding wise there can be a lot of work to separate loading in at obbie vs loading in to dungeon, beds, bed rolls. Or is anytime you load in a safe time? If so, then how to insure it is not exploited. Basically it is not just some switch they can throw in.

its a issue at the ice bridge as well (I dont know the actual name). Im always getting attacked by 2 of them.

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