Why Conan does not have this?

When you want to exit the game in Myth of Empires, you get greeted with this screen:


Because they didn’t steal someone else’s code lol


Troll reply, another troll on my mute + ignore list.

But yeah your answer tells me, that you can’t explain it, because Funcom.

It’s a simple feature that will help out a lot of new players.

I didn’t realize citing fact was trolling but ok chief go off.

More like because common knowledge, something people who play pvp survival games should already know. Most every survivalcraft with pvp these days has this as a standard feature


Maybe worth mentioning that one of the loading screens does provide pretty much exactly this warning - something along the lines of ‘when you logout your body remains in the world and can be attacked’.


But. And this is a big but. It’s a pop-up that appears when you click to exit the game. It’s unavoidable and it must be clicked through, by using Confirm.


True. The simple reality is most people don’t read the loading screen tips (I’ve even seen people ignore a loading screen tip and then ask literally that question a minute or two later). That said - a lot of people wouldn’t read this either, they’d just click confirm and then complain about it later. But that should be a smaller group than the ‘don’t read loading tips’ group, so arguably an overall improvement.

I don’t see any harm in adding extra messages like this (except for those of us that regularly crash when exiting the game, since, depending on timing, this might lead to progress not getting saved). But I also don’t see it as hugely important - this information is widely known, is presented in another form, and is only one of the many important pieces of information that CE doesn’t provide ‘hand-holding’ over. I’d argue there’s a lot more important concepts and messages that players need to be told - this one feels a bit obvious to me - but then, not playing PVP it is also of lower importance to me, which has to be considered as a possible factor in how I feel about it.


After almost 5890 hours in CE, when I logged off the first time in MoE after this was patched in, I actually stopped and said “Huh.” That is one of the many thoughtful considerations I’ve discovered that also would add a lot of finish to CE.


Its Video game… isn’t this common knowledge for Online games? XD

I don’t need another message I have to click thru when logging out…I just wanna log out, I’m an Adult (last i checked) =p

Even games that don’t leave you in world… logging out in middle of area with enemies you just killed, means your gonna log back in next day with them alive. XD

Thou most, will log you back in next to a location, (fast travel spot) so your semi out of danger)

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Yeah, now taking the approach of ‘thoughtful considerations’ that ‘add finish’ - I can see how that would apply. It’s evident that Funcom took an approach of expecting players to ‘figure it out’ with a lot of things - on one level that makes sense, it’s a harsh unforgiving survival game - but there is a key word in there: ‘game’. Too little to discover for yourself and a player may get bored, but too much work to figure out even the most basic things and a player may get frustrated. I’ve used the example before of a friend of mine who asked for ‘no spoilers’ and had a ton of trouble with making progress in the game - when he finally asked me if steelfire could be used for anything other than dragonpowder, I realised the reason he was having so much trouble with endgame content was because he was still at iron tier. Sure, maybe he should have tried sticking random stuff in the furnace to see what happens - but also the game doesn’t even make it clear how important that step up the material tiers is. Not one I have an answer to really, since finding that balance between enough information and enough discovery seems a pretty delicate balancing act.


Yes true I understand this as well.

Even if this message appears only once, it is really helpful.

@Barnes @DanQuixote
I would also add that the character can die because of the temperature system. I remember seeing some threads regarding this.


That looks annoying as all hell.

And sorry to say but I knew that logging out of the game meant your character stayed in game a month even before I purchased the game. So if players are getting hemmed up and finding out the hard way, then that’s on them.

But here’s a good little test. Some of you who support this are pretty smart. And UI changes aren’t terribly hard. Make a mod that does it and lets see how popular that gets.


Pretty sure there in-game message about this during loading screens. Right along with not eating yellow snow.


I have a high end PC, I never have time to read the loading screens, because it loads so quickly.


Install a bunch of mods - your loading times will slow right down, lol :wink:
(More seriously - I’d never even thought of that point - but I suppose it makes sense that the top end machines would load faster, making those loading screen tips even less useful (since, in addition to all the people who just don’'t read them, there’s evidently at least some of you who can’t…).)


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