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There will always be the issue of mods between PC and console. Unfortunately saying “Since it can be moded to behave this way you should just put it into the game,” isn’t really going to work most of the time.

I never defined expansion to fall into my category only. I am mentioning that their definition isn’t the sole one and that other games have done this version of expansion, so as you see it isn’t a double-edged blade. Arguing this isn’t an expansion is what I am targeting not the definition.

It is fine to mention other games if you use them as a means of reference to compare this game to. We compare objects to other objects to get a familiar example or set a specific bar to meet. Comparing how this game releases its content vs others is fine. If you are going to be mean about it, then no.

In regards to ESO it is an MMO with a custom engine which is supported by massive servers that are able to take the strain. It also doesn’t feature a sandbox crafting environment, so you it unfair to compare the two in terms of perfomance. What you could compare is how ESO sells their expansions, which is the same as this game except I get to take my character to it, but I am unable to access any classes, items, crafting, etc that it comes with.

And I have spent hours playing over 100 characters in conan. Now I get to enjoy doing it again for the 101th time.

Some of us in the world lack a choice as gaming PC’s are significantly more expensive.

Yes starting from scratch when you buy the game or join a new server is the point of the game. But whats the point of starting if you cant continue into the new with progress you have worked to accomplish? For example you go to college work your butt off to get your degree then get a job in your field of study a few years later you get a job offer making only 5% more income but you have to move to a new city and have to earn your degree again, would you take the job?

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thyey could have placed the old map and areas in the new map,…

you meant your game? or everyone else? LOL

If I go to run a D&D adventure for my friends and the cover says, “Designed for 1st level characters,” then it’s pretty obvious I shouldn’t have the players showing up with their high level characters from a prior campaign. Same applies here.


To be completely honest here, that is pretty close to how I envisioned it, and is also the direction which I personally would have preferred. To me Conan Exiles, much like the Dragonborn on Skyrim was the story of my character, and his rise from an underskilled, impoverished captive, to the most wealthy and powerful warrior in land, doing what The Archivist thought impossible. He retrieved all of the artifacts a forged the Keystone. And I was kind of hoping this would be the next phase of his story. Instead this is going to be more akin to a Tarantino film, or ‘The Getaway’, where we have multiple characters events playing out seperately.

Now, for me while this is a little bit of a bummer, it is far, and I mean FAR from a deal breaker. There have been so many times since Conan Exiles launched that I wished I could relive that initial challenge, excitment and discovery I felt in my first weeks in the Exiled Lands. This is our chance to do just that, and then more again! And in a way I am looking foward reliving that great journey and meteoric rise. The bottom line for me is that I am still excited for this.

Bring on the Map Expansion!! :smiling_imp: :metal:


You are aware that console player are what keeps the game alive right? Don’t ignore facts. And don’t bash on 90% of the player base because you can afford a PC .

Please be respectful to each other and stay civil.


I skimmed over this topic so if I missed it, my apologies.
If and when one decides to finally remove their bracelet and escape the exiled lands, you start over at level 0 once again.
You’re leaving everything behind.
You take nothing with you except what you wore when you escaped.
You’re not recreating your character, but you get to go back into the Exiled Lands for some oddly insane reason when that’s contrary to why you escaped in the first place.

So, now you’ve escaped and somehow managed end up at the end of some imaginary journey on the sea .

As bad luck has it, you end up on the Isle of Siptah because of a shipwreck.
(I’ve seen no direct mention of Siptah in Howard’s stories, but one alludes to a story called, “The Black Pool” where Conan ends up shipwrecked on an island.)

In concept, you lost everything.
You’re starting from scratch. level 0.
Well, that’s just plain bad luck for us, isn’t it.

So, what’s the problem?

Unreal Engine Dev here. Not how that works. Unreal can handle much larger environments than Conan’s Exiled Lands. Why they didn’t add Isle of Sipta to the existing World Composition is confusing to me (@FC I’m sure you guys had a good reason to not incorporate Sipta into the existing world–though I hope it wasn’t a conscious design choice). It is totally possible to have different Unreal Engine Maps (“Levels”) use data from the same Database. IMO it would have been both MUCH cooler, and more productive (FC essentially made it so that 90+% of new players may NEVER see all the content their team created in the Exiled Lands). I personally would have prefered if FC had made it so that you leave the Exiled lands, end up stranded on Sipta with no gear and then made it so that you could return to the Exiled lands after completing certain activities on Siptah.

Not bashing FC here. I think they wanted to return people to the struggle for life, which is cool. But I do think there were better ways of NOT scrapping a player’s progress entirely and wiping the exiled lands. What I wonder now though is… will I still be able to play the Exiled Lands on Public PvP? or Is FC going to wipe my server and force me to buy the Siptah expansion?

As in, someone who works with Unreal Engine? Or someone who works on Unreal Engine? I suspect it’s the former, because it would explain the rest of your post.

Maybe in newer versions. Conan Exiles is built on top of UE 4.15

As @Multigun explained it succinctly in another thread:

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Maybe in newer versions. Conan Exiles is built on top of UE 4.15

Right… this is a valid point. I forgot that for a moment…Yes, it was also the former. I work with Unreal Engine.

I’m a content and gameplay dev, not a tools engineer.

I would like to add though that I believe it would have been possible to connect the two… but I’m starting to question myself… it’s given me a lot of fun dev questions to find the answer to namely: can a single Unreal Project support multiple World Composition worlds… :thinking:

EDIT: Answer: Yes. It is possible for Unreal Projects to support multiple World Composition Worlds.


There is a lot of consternation surrounding this decision and I’d like to just add my two cents on this subject, because I don’t believe this is a scam, a sign Funcom is greedy, or a sign that they’re incompetent.
I believe this is likely just a situation of Funcom making a design decision.

Perhaps they want us to experience their new content as a new player again and experience all the unique survival challenges they’ve created for this new map. And perhaps they don’t want to be tied down by balance considerations for new Legendary items on one map vs the other.
There is also the reality that PvP can be affected by this in ways they may just not want to deal with.
You allow players to move between maps, and you will absolutely get legitimate complaints of “pay to win”, as the dreaded “alpha clans” invade from their DLC bases into the vanilla map and then return back to the DLC map with the spoils. Anyone without the DLC cannot ever have a chance to fight back without buying the map themselves.

By keeping them distinctly seperate they afford themselves an opportunity to make each map a unique experience, with different balance considerations and content.
Is a bigger world to play in better? Arguably, yes. But it also brings with it limitations and perceptions they may just not want to deal with.
For me, I’m happy with how they’ve decided to implement it, I actually enjoy the experience of early survival and exploring a map without all my overpowered equipment and thralls.
If I could port my current character(s) to the new map, I think something would be lost, and I imagine I’d be able to simply plow through the content a lot faster than I’d prefer.

I really don’t see this design decision as a bad thing and I am honestly confused as to why so many here are insisting on carrying their progression over, when I believe they’re just robbing themselves of game play.


For all the MMORPG comparisons people make, this is good counter to them.

Just look at older content areas in those games, they’re barren of players except the occasional person leveling through content.
EVERYONE would move to the new DLC area who had it, non-DLC owners would cry “pay to win” after getting raided on the vanilla and being unable to chase their oppressors across the seas, and people would lament the lack of land to claim in the new areas AND old areas, as big clans and established players gobbled up everything with foundation spam.

This is a good choice imo. I never played much Ark, but I know there is a subsection of the population who hates how “alpha clans” can just move between maps and dominate entire server shards.


@dubs_checkem I’ve heard of the ark alpha clan issue you mention as well I’ve also heard of players moving and losing everything (not sure what exactly everything means in terms of ark as I quit playing due to not caring for its inventory UI and other early aspects of the game that I just couldn’t figure out early on… but it seems as though it’s a good idea that just doesn’t work well in various ways. I would like to be able in single player to finish one and move to the other with a higher difficulty but at the same time I’m enjoying learning the new map from scratch

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