Why do daggers have such crummy durability?

It doesn’t seem to me that daggers should have such low durability. In real life, the durability of, say, a sword and a dagger would be the same if they were both made from the same material. So why are daggers so low?

Have you tried a durability mod?

Not entirely true, the blade of a dagger is generally thinner than the blade of a sword, meaning it would wear and dull faster, and a dull dagger wouldn’t be as effective as a dull sword, a dull dagger wouldn’t have as much force behind each swing due to less weight. So it does make sense for daggers to have lower durability.

There are 3 items to increase weapon durability that can be crafted at the Blacksmith’s Bench, the Simple Reinforcement Kit, Reinforcement Kit and Advanced Reinforcement Kit, they increase durability by 50, 100 and 150 respectively.


This is just not true. The thickness of a blade has nothing to do with its sharpness, assuming that both blades are made of the same metal and fabricated the same way. Take two pieces of steel, one 12 inches long and one 36 inches long. Sharpen them to the same edge. Attach handles. Use each weapon to brutally chop into something hard, like a block of ice or a thick log. You will find that each weapon takes the same amount of edge damage (if any). Besides, daggers are generally used for stabbing. They are in this game, in any case. Look at how your character holds the daggers, and look at the battle animations.

It’s true that a swinging sword will deliver more kinetic energy to the target, but that has nothing to do with durability. In fact, one could make the argument that swords are inherently less durable because (in real life) there is a greater chance of a manufacturing flaw in a long blade than a short blade.

As for the kits, yes, a reinforcement kit will add durability. But you can apply that same kit to any weapon, leaving daggers with the same crummy durability as compared to something else.

Realism aside (in which case, a dagger will have more durability, the longer the weapon the more strain on each part of the blade when it is struck, where as a shorter blade is more rigid, meaning a dagger should have more durability) I think in game the choice for this is… bleeding stacks.

I think daggers are way op in this game. The durability always felt like a nice tradeoff. x20 bleeding stacks is brutal :slight_smile:

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Daggers add the additional bleed damage and with the venom daggers, poison damage. I can see why they brought the durability down on these.

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youre using 2 daggers so they are each degrading at the same rate as 1 sword

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Bleeding damage is related to impact damage, not durability. If daggers are OP, reduce the impact damage.

Are you talking in terms of realism? In terms of realism sure, I agree.
I’ll further add that daggers can cause more bleeding than even a sword because they are shorter rigid and much easier to stab open wounds than a sword. It has absolutely nothing to do with durability.

Now, back to the game world. Some stronger weapons can at times have the tradeoff of lower durability. This is a good mechanic to have in place for options to different playstyles in an attempt to not have a “one weapon beats all” situation.

Its the same reason Dragonbone weapons are stronger but need constant repairing to keep using them. Which also kind of determines the use of a weapon in the end, for adventuring, boss fights, etc.

I’ve gone solo vs some legendary creatures and the dragonbone items were almost broken by the end of that one battle. Once, I can’t remember which boss it was though, might have been the Giant Croc or the Undead Dragon, one of the two, not sure, my dragonbone sword broke during combat and I had to switch to another weapon.

This is what we call a tradeoff for some other aspect being better.

The daggers imo are very strong/useful because of the bleeding, but need more “rumble and tumble” if you know what I mean to stay alive. You need to get up real close, and they can leave you rather open. Also, vs undead etc bleeding cannot be applied. So they hardly op in the sense that “this weapon is broken nerf it!”, meaning, if they reduce the impact damage then the weapon could easily be border line useless after that.

In which case, making it have lower durability is the best tradeoff imo.

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