Why do I have these helmets?

So, before the update I had an improved armory a lot of stuff within. After the patch I got 49 Flawless vicious helmets.

As you can see they are pretty HEAVY :grin:
I dismantled them, one gives you a hardened leather and some elderium (am I typing it correctly?) bars.

But my questions are:

  • How did I get them?
  • What did they cost? Because I’m afraid I lost some precious materials thah I can’t remember what those were.

I can already tell that you are using mods so my guess is that some mod did something.


Yepp, the ones that can cause interference: Javelins improved (and a lot of others but none of them is updated yet).

Afaik, Javelin Improved doesn’t mess with armors so it is probably one of the other not updated mods.

I only have some QoL mods and mostly building pieces and weapons, but most of them does not work with the updated game engine yet. Weapon-related mod that is not disabled is the javelins improved.

I also tried disabling all the remaining mods and the helmets were still there, still 49 (picture shows 48 because I dismantled one), and my materials were the same.

Probably @Multigun himself has some wise words for us!

Again, I somehow doubt it because Multigun uses IDs starting with 699xxxxx for his items from Javelin Improved. Anyway, he can take a look to re-confirm.


What Narelle said. Javelin Improved isn’t causing your problem.


Thanks guys.
I believed what @Narelle said, I just hoped @Multigun knows something what could cause it.

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